Could Marlon Marescia be your next podcast guest?

His Speciality is The Video Marketing Machine

3 Reasons to have Marlon on your podcast


Unique teaching on Video Marketing

Marlon has created a video marketing strategy that is unique, road tested and ready to go for your audience


He does what he teaches

Marlon only teaches what he is currently executing in his business today. He doesn’t teach from theory but current exerience


Your audience is his #1 priority

Every time Marlon speaks to an audience they always respond with their mind is blown with how he turns complex marketing strategies into simple processes

What Marlon Can Bring To Your Podcast

Marlon’s #1 message he is delivering now is about the Video Marketing Machine Framework. Below is an explanation.

Topic of Interest

The Video Marketing Machine Explained

Target Audience

Business Owners and Marketing Agency Owners


The Video Marketing Machine Framework is a holistic marketing strategy where a business can record one video a week and convert that video into 5 marketing campaigns. The video is converted into the following:

  • Weekly Email
  • Blog Post
  • Facebook Retargeting Ad
  • YouTube Video
  • Social Media Posts

This whole process takes about 25 minutes a week. The strategy has been described as Content Marketing On Steroids.

Marlon has rolled this strategy across many businesses worldwide, including the largest business coaching franchise in the world, ActionCOACH.

ActionCOACH has 1000 franchisees across 82 countries, and they have rolled out this strategy in many of their franchises across the world.

Topic #2

How To Triple Your Marketing Agency Profits

Target Audience

Marketing Agency Owners


Marlon has been offering his clients a service called the Video Marketing Machine for the past 4 years. It is his most profitable service which is the easiest to deliver and has the highest retention rate.

In this discussion, Marlon can outline:

  1. Why the service is so profitable
  2. How he delivers it in just 2-3 hours a month and makes $1,500/mth in fees
  3. Who is the perfect prospect for the service
  4. How to deliver it easily and efficiently
  5. How he sells the service and how he markets it online

Marlon very openly reveals all his processes and systems so that any agency owner can replicate his results.

Find out more about agencies.

Example Podcast Appearance

Marlon was recently interviewed by Brad Sugars in January 2024 for his podcast. The middle part of the podcast is a great example of the content that Marlon can cover. 

About Marlon

Marlon is the owner of the marketing agency The Sales Driven Website and a partner in another marketing agency, Voyager Agency.

Marlon is also the founder of the app the Video Marketing Machine which allows marketing agencies, marketing staff and business owners to execute 5 marketing campaigns from one video each week.

Marlon has 10 years experience running Facebook Ads for lead generation. He has been helping businesses in health services, IT, business coaching, consultants and professional services.

He specialises in using video to help businesses who sell a high ticket item to build trust, nurture prospects and book appointments. He is well known for the results he gets not just for his clients but also for himself.

Every strategy Marlon teach he has already roadtested in his business and is currently using in his business to grow. He teaches from theory, only from current experience.

He has focused on video marketing for service based businesses over the last 4 years because he has got amazing results for his business.

He will typically get 1-3 appointments booked in his calendar from business owners wanting to work with him who are presold before the first meeting. presold means they know, like, and trust him and are ready to make a buying decision. 80% of the sale has already been made.

The two topics above explain how he makes this happen for his business.


What People think of Marlon

These are testimonials from ActionCOACH Franchisees who have completed a 12 week intensive bootcamp with Marlon. They spent many hours with him and got some amazing results from his teaching, training and coaching.

Gary White
Phil Badura
Kate Muldoon

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