4 Proven Ways To Raise Your Web Design Prices

Are you a web designer who feels like you’re continually being asked to lower your prices?

Your prospects and clients don’t seem to see the value you can provide them and always ask you to lower and lower your price?

Competition is growing, and you can’t find a way to increase your prices. 

Let me show you the four proven ways that I’ve used to increase my prices consistently.

1. Sell a Solution Only You Can Deliver

The first way to increase your prices is to sell a solution only you can deliver.

There are millions of web designers worldwide, and they have a wide range of backgrounds, including:

  1. Working from home
  2. Working for large businesses
  3. Working in third world countries
  4. Working from their garage
  5. And some are kids working in their spare time

The prices they charge depends on their background and range from a few hundred dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars and everything in between.

Why can some web designers command large prices while others can barely afford to survive?

Because some sell a tool, and others sell a solution only they can deliver.

If you just sell a WordPress website or a Wix website, there are millions of people who can deliver those kinds of websites on Upwork or the internet today. 

But if you sell a solution that only you can deliver you can’t be compared to other web designers and command higher prices.

I call this solution IP or intellectual property.

In my web design business, I sell a Sales Driven Website.

I coined the word The Sales Driven Website is unique to my business.

There are eight components to a Sales Driven Website, and when I explain it to my clients, they instantly realise that I sell a more useful website than what the average web designer delivers.

You can find out more about my IP at www.thesalesdrivenwebsite.com 

I can’t recall a time a client asked me to give them a lower price.

They see the value so they either say they can afford it or they can’t.

Because of the IP I have created, I have lifted my prices by 400% over 12 months.

2. Generate More Leads

The second way to command higher prices is just to generate more leads. 

The reason why you won’t raise your prices is that you feel that if you do, you will lose the project. 

Now, if you only have 2-3 new opportunities a month, then yes, you’re going to want to win two out of those three opportunities. 

But what if he had ten opportunities a month or 20 opportunities a month to sell someone on your website solution? 

If you did, and you only had a 20% conversion rate of 20 leads you now will have four new clients a month. 

And if you are charging double your rates, you are now earning 400% more per month.

When you have that many leads, you can double your prices. 

And if you have 20 instead of 3 people want to every month you will have more confidence to double your prices.

So one of the simple ways that I was able to raise my prices is to increase the number of leads coming into my business. 

And when that increased, it gave me the confidence to charge more, knowing that if more people said no, there were enough in the pipeline to win more clients at a higher income.

3. Sell An Outcome Not A Website

The third way to raise your web design prices is to sell an outcome, not a website. 

Websites are a commodity right now. 

Most business owners have had a bad experience with their website because it does nothing for them. 

It’s a brochure that they’ve paid for, and it hasn’t generated any leads or won them any extra work. 

But if you sell an outcome as opposed to a website, they’ll buy the outcome. 

So you’ve got to ask yourself the question, what does a business owner want? 

Well, what they want is to grow their business. 

What they want is more clients and what they want is more leads. 

So if you can link your website to their ability to get more leads, get more clients and get more income, they will be happy to pay more for your website.

My clients are happy to pay a higher price for my website because my website delivers the outcome that they’re looking for.

People will pay more for an outcome than they will for a tool. 

So sell an outcome, not a website.

4. Have a Rock Solid Conversion Process

The fourth way to raise your web design prices is to have a rock-solid conversion process that increases your conversion rate from 20% to 40% or 50% to 60%. 

I ask a lot of web designers and business owners for their conversion rate?

It’s funny because most of them tell me it is 80%. 

But I know that is is nowhere near 80%. 

The reality for most businesses, their conversion rates are down at 10-30%. 

Most businesses can make a lot of improvements in their sales process.

If you just increase your ability to convert and sell better, you will be able to have more confidence to raise your prices. 

If you can increase your conversion rate from 20-50%, it will give you a lot more confidence to raise your prices.

The biggest reason why people don’t increase their prices is because of fear. 

They fear that if they increase the price, they will scare their clients off and have no work. 

But if you have more leads coming in and you’re converting more people, you’ll have the confidence to raise your prices. 

Create a rock-solid sales process where you know you can cover 50% plus of your sales opportunities. 

5. Just Ask – BONUS 

Here is a bonus way to raise your prices.

It’s pretty simple. 

Just starting asking for a higher price tomorrow.

Most clients don’t know how much a website should cost. 

Typically the price you tell them sets their expectation.

But if you tell them a price that’s much lower than what it should be, their expectation will be set much lower. 

The quickest method that I use to raise my prices was just to ask for a higher price. 

To my surprise, my conversion rate did not change. 

The problem is with you, not the client. 

You are the one that’s fearful of asking because of what might happen, but your client will follow you. 

They’ll follow you when it comes to price; they’ll follow you when it comes to features, they’ll follow you when it comes to advice. 

I want to encourage you to take these principles, implement one or two of them and comment below and let me know how it went. 

I am very confident that it will make a difference because I’ve done them in my business and my students’ businesses.
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