The Sales Driven Website Design Blueprint

The Website Framework that turns your website into a lean, mean sales machine that attracts, captures, nurtures and converts prospects into high paying clients.

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Chapter 1

What Is a Sales Driven Website?

Does Your Website Actively Grow Your Business?

The #1 purpose of your website is to grow your business. If you cannot quote the last four clients from your website, you don’t have a Sales Driven website; you have an online brochure.

And today, having an online brochure website is equivalent to handing over your new clients to your competitors.

What you need is a lean, mean sales machine that delivers new leads and new clients every week to your business.

A Sales Driven Website is a Marketing Funnel?

Your website should not be the end of your prospect’s journey to finding your business but the starting point of their march to becoming a high-paying client.

Marketing funnels are the hot topic, but did you know your website should be the ultimate marketing funnel? Your website funnel should take your website visitors, capture their contact details, and convert them into clients.

Never Get A Web Designer To Build Your Website

Most websites don’t get results because web designers, not marketers, build them. Web designers specialize in making websites look good, which is about 10% of what makes a website effective.

What matters if you want a business growing website is how to attract visitors, convert those visitors into leads, nurture those leads until they are ready to make a buying decision, and finally, convert those leads into clients.

This is a domain of a marketer, not a web designer. So if you want an effective website, you need to have it built by a marketer, not a web designer.

Do You Have a Website or a Marketing System?​

The concept of a website is over 30 years old. It is outdated and no longer works for businesses that want to grow online. Effective websites have evolved into a marketing system.

A Marketing System is a platform that automates marketing activities in your business. Is your website a marketing system or a brochure? Your website should be the sales and marketing engine orchestrating all your marketing activities.

Components of a Sales Driven Website

There are six components of a Sales Driven Website Design.

Chapter 2

Create a marketing platform


The Sales Driven Website is not just a website. It is a Website Marketing Platform and is made of two components including The Website Platform and The Marketing Platform.

The Website Platform​

30% of all websites online today are built using WordPress. There is no other website platform that is more optimized for Google than WordPress. Google loves WordPress and easily finds WordPress websites in their search results.

There are two goals of your website:
  1. Goal #1 – Get found by your prospects
  2. Goal #2 – Covert Prospects into clients

By building your website on WordPress, you are on the way of achieving 80% of goal #1.

The Marketing Platform

Most websites don’t have an integrated marketing platform that captures the contact details of website visitors, nurtures them, and then helps convert them into clients. Instead, these websites use 3-7 apps that are patched together to get an inferior result.

The marketing platform we use is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform called GoHighLevel.

GoHIghLevel is the key to the success of The Sales Driven Website.

Chapter 3

Convince visitors they need you

“When you can articulate another person’s problem better than they can, they automatically and unconsciously credit you with knowing the solution.”
-Wyatt Woodsmall

There are two jobs for the content on your website.

Content that attracts visitors

The first job of your content on your website is to attract new visitors. The content should be written for the Google Search engine, so your website is found high in the Google search results. In addition, the content needs to target your prospect’s pain points so they click through and visit your website.

Content that converts visitors into clients

The second job of your website content is to convert visitors to your website into a lead or a client. Therefore, the content needs to focus on your client’s problems and show how your services and products can solve those problems.

This type of content aims to describe your client’s problems so well that they assume you have the answer to their problems.

Chapter 4

Capture their contact details


Credibility Icons

One of the ways to build trust with website visitors is to show logos and icons of businesses they already know and trust.

If they can see that you are associated with these businesses, they will unconsciously apply some trust to your business.

Hot, Warm, and Cold Offers

There are two goals of your website:
  1. Cold Offer – This offer is for people who don’t know your business. They are a first-time visitor to your website and aren’t going to call or book a meeting. They are early in their buying decision. The cold offer is something free that you can offer them to capture their contact details so you can continue to market to them.

  2. Warm Offer – A Warm offer is for people who have been to your website before knowing a little about your business. They like you, but they are not going to call. So you offer them a webinar, a long-form video to watch in their own time that can convince them to contact you or book a meeting with your team.

  3. Hot Offer – This offer is to book a meeting, speak to someone on the phone, or request a callback. Only 3% of the people who visit your website will be in a position to do this.

Testimonials and Customer Reviews

Testimonials and customer reviews are powerful ways to show website visitors that other people trust your business. They are usually an afterthought for many companies, but they are the centerpiece of every page in a Sales Driven Website because they work so well.

Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is similar to a website blog, but it has a lot more functionality and shows the visitors that you are a thought leader in your industry. Every Sales Driven Website Design has a learning center built to train your clients in everything they need to know about your product or service.

Once the website is built, you will populate the learning center with content that will attract website visitors from Google and convert those visitors into leads.

Client and Problem Focused Copy

The purpose of the website design is to show off your website content. So the design is purely there to highlight the content crafted to call out your prospect, highlight their pain point, and show them how you can solve their pain with your services or products.

Website Chat

One of the best ways to capture leads from your website and convert website visitors into leads and clients is installing website chat. Our GoHighLevel marketing platform has the GoHighLevel chat widget built-in. The website allows you to talk to your website visitors via SMS, so you can continue the conversation with them when they leave your website.

Video Marketing That Builds Authority

Website pages with video added have an 85% higher conversion rate. Video also keeps people on your page for longer, which Google loves and helps to increase your Google ranking. Sales Driven Websites to include video because video also increases trust, helps visitors warm up to your employees, and turns cold prospects into hot prospects who are invested in your brand.

Chapter 5

Nurture prospects through the sales process


The number one purpose of your website is to capture the contact details of the visitors to your website. Once your website captures the contact details of your website visitors, the next stage of their journey begins. This next step involves keeping in touch with your prospects and moving them along their decision-making process until they are ready to call you and become a client. There are many techniques we use to do this, including the following.

Automated Email Sequence

Every time visitors submit their information on your website, they should receive an automated series of emails. These emails aim to move them along the buyer’s journey towards deciding to become your client. In addition, these emails should educate your prospect by answering their buying-related questions and having a call to action to call or book an appointment.


This automated series of emails should be triggered when someone submits their details on a cold, warm, or hot offer or their details to your contact us page.

Facebook and Google Ads Retargeting

97% of your website visitors will leave your website and never return. If you have warm and cold offers on your website, you may capture 10% of these visitors’ contact details to continue to promote your business to them. 

So how do you continue to promote your business to the 87% of visitors who leave?

You use remarketing Google and Facebook Ads. These ads are displayed to people who visit your website, and for the next 30 days, you can show ads to them to get them back to your website when they visit Facebook and any Google partner websites.

Email Marketing

Once you have a prospect in your GoHighLevel CRM, you can nurture them through weekly or bi-weekly emails that educate your prospects and ask them to take the next step. Thes emails are the foundation of all your nurture programs. Contrary to popular belief, the more you email your database of prospects the more money you make.

The Sales Driven Website integrates with GoHighLevel which has built-in email marketing functionality.

Two Way SMS

SMS is a great tool to nurture your prospects because the open rate on SMS is over 90%. SMS is also powerful for the sales process to remind prospects to attend meetings and have real-time conversations with prospects through their phone.

Your website platform should have this feature built-in if you are serious about converting the leads you are generating through your website.

Social Media

For most businesses, social media will not generate a lot of leads. But the power of social media is the ability to nurture your existing prospects and current clients. Therefore, your website platform should include an easy way to manage your social media posts and messages. By posting daily to social media, you can stay top of mind with your network who are close to becoming a client. 

Every industry has a different combination of social media platforms that effectively reach and nurture its prospects. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube are the most common platforms.

Chapter 6

Convert prospects into clients


Once you have nurtured your prospects, and in their time, they are ready to make a buying decision, they move into the sales process. Your website platform should help support your salespeople to win more business. The features of a Sales Driven Website marketing platform that help you sell more efficiently are as follows.

Integrated CRM

A CRM (customer relationship management system) is the foundation of your prospect and client interactions. The Sales Driven Website platform has a built-in CRM. However, the superpower of the CRM is the integrated birdseye view of every interaction a prospect or client has with your marketing campaigns and sales process.

Inbound and Outbound Calling

We love digital marketing, but we are also experienced enough to know that nothing gets sold in most businesses until a conversation with a prospect. The Sales Driven Website Marketing Platform allows your salespeople to make outbound calls and take inbound calls from their laptops or on the go on their phones. This feature is powerful because the phone calls can be recorded for coaching purposes and keep salespeople accountable with a call report that ensures clients are being followed up.

Eliza Booking Bot

The Eliza Booking Bot is an automated workflow that can be triggered when a prospect inquires about booking an appointment. GoHighLevel will start an automated SMS to be sent to the prospect asking them what day and time suits them. When they select a time, the bot will then confirm the time, make the booking in the GoHighLevel calendar, and send a confirmation email and appointment to the client. This is all done by the marketing app without a person’s input.


Many businesses have to take payment from clients via credit card and deliver an invoice. The Sales Driven Website Marketing Platform has full invoicing and payment features to enable the business to:

  1. Create and send invoices
  2. Take payments via credit online and via SMS
  3. Creating recurring payments for subscriptions

Just another way your Sales Driven Website will allow you to grow your business.

Chapter 7

Attract visitors to your website


Once you have your Sales Driven Website built, you need to ensure you get visitors to the website. There are many ways to get traffic to your site, and some are better or more expensive than others. Below are the best ways we have used to secure website visitors.

Google Business Profile

If you are a local business, there is no better way to get traffic to your website than your free Google Business Profile. Google has created a page for every business that shows up on the Google search results and Google Maps when people are searching for local companies. Unfortunately, most companies are not taking advantage of this profile and with a bit of work, most businesses can get to the top of this listing pretty quickly. The profile will give you free traffic within days or weeks if you decide to optimize it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the next best way to get traffic to your website. SEO is the art of getting your business to the top of the Google search results page. You don’t have to pay Google to do this, but you have to optimize your website and create content and backlinks to get to the top three spots on the results page.

Every Sales Driven Website Design is optimized for SEO and is ready to start the process of ranking on Google.

Google Ads

Google Ads is like SEO, except you can pay to get your business to show at the top of the Google results page. It is one of the most effective marketing tactics available today. You can start getting leads for your website within 24 hours, but there is a cost. Some industries are costly, while others are much more affordable.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is another paid advertising platform you can use to get visitors to your website. Facebook is much cheaper than Google Ads, but it is much harder to get it working profitably as the lead quality is often less than Google Ads. Not all businesses are suited for Facebook ads, but if your business is, it is worth running these ads if you know what you are doing.

Chapter 8


What Does A Sales Driven Website Cost? You’ve made it this far, so I guess you want to know how much a Sales Driven Website costs? A Sales Driven Website is not just a website. It is a complete marketing system including a Website Platform and a Marketing Platform. Below is the pricing of a Sales Driven Website for an average small business. If you want to speak to me about how my team can create a Sales Driven Website for you, then Book a Strategy Call.

Choose a Setup Option

Website SetuP


Website Hosting


Marketing Platform


Website Platform
Marketing Platform
Sales Platform
Support Platform
Note: All Prices are in US dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have an optimized build process so we can deliver your new website within 5 days of your content being given to us.

The starter setup uses one of our marketing optimized website design templates. You can choose the template that best suits your business and we will customise it to suit your branding.

The Done For Your setup includes a custom website design built just for your business. This design still uses our marketing optimized design standards for carpet cleaners.

We accept credit card for monthly and setup fee payments

You can choose either the Basic Marketing for $97/mth or the Advanced Marketing Plan for $197/mth

The Basic Marketing monthly cost includes all technical support, backups, hosting, security, SSL and minor website changes. The Advanced Marketing Plan includes everything in the Basic Marketing Plan plus unlimited 15 minute changes, email marketing , marketing automation and Facebook Messenger integration

Yes your website is 100% customizable by you. The website is built on the WordPress platform which powers 30% of the internet. You are able to customize the design and content at any time.

Chapter 9

Next Steps

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