About Marlon Marescia

I help marketing professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs use Facebook Advertising to generate new leads and sales.

I believe that sales and marketing are the lifeblood of every business. Build a sales and marketing engine that delivers new clients every week and your business will thrive.

Fail at sales and marketing and your business will struggle, your stress levels will rise and your enjoyment will decrease.

I have devoted the past 20 years of my professional life to mastering the art of generating new leads and converting them into sales. What I have discovered is there are tried and tested principles that have worked in the past, work today and will continue to deliver results in the future.

The tactics change, not the principles. There are phases and fads in marketing and sales which come and go. Direct mail, TV advertising, radio, network marketing, social media and now digital marketing. All are techniques which will continue to change, but the strategies behind the techniques will always remain the same,

Currently, digital marketing, social media and pay per click advertising are popular and highly effective. The key is to apply the time-tested principles to these new tactics to get results.

I have worked as a sales and marketing manager of a software development company, SSW for the past 12 years. In my role, I led the sales team and marketing teams. Our goal as a group was to generate leads and then convert those leads into new clients.

SSW is a Microsoft software development company which build complex software applications for corporates in Australia. A few of the clients we won are:

  1. Event Cinemas
  2. Commonwealth Bank
  3. PWC
  4. Brisbane Catholic Education
  5. Toll Express
  6. Toll Group
  7. University of Queensland
  9. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trading
  10. Carnival Cruises (P&O Cruises)

SSW is a premium software development company in Australia with some of the highest rates in the industry. Often we were the most expensive proposal submitted for a project and we had to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and establish that we were worth the extra investment.

This was not easy, but we became very good at it by integrating the effort of our sales and marketing teams. Our strategy was to establish SSW as a thought leader and authority in the software development community in Australia. When our sales team would attend a sales meeting we wanted the prospect to have already have had contact with our company and already see us as a thought leader.

Our strategy to do this included some of the following tactics:

  1. Live Training
  2. Conference speaking
  3. YouTube Channel
  4. Social Media
  5. SEO
  6. Google Adwords
  7. Social Media
  8. Email Marketing

These tactics when combined created a groundswell of new leads over a period of time. It took a lot of effort, time and resources, but in our industry where the leads are few and the rewards are great, the payoff was significant in our favour.

Through my time at SSW, the following marketing assets were my initial idea. I then developed the idea, executed the idea with my team and then grew the platform into success:

  1. SSW Firebootcamp
  2. SSW TV
  3. Super Powers Tours
  4. Angular and Xamarin Hack Days

One of the highlights of my time at SSW was winning the 2015 Microsoft Partner award for Excellence in Learning for Firebootcamp.

Firebootcamp was started with a simple idea and 6 weeks later we had 12 students all paying $9,000 to attend a 9-week intensive course. We were a startup and when we won the award our competitors were established Microsft training partners who were doing 10s millions of dollars in training over the past 20 years.

I spoke to Microsoft after receiving the award and asked them why they gave it to us when their larger partners provided them with a greater income due to selling licenses. Their response was, “you guys are doing something innovative in the market and we need to work with partners that are approaching training from a new perspective.”

That was pretty satisfying.

So, how did I end up a Facebook Marketing Strategist? Well, that’s pretty simple. Of all the marketing tactics I have used over the last 20 years, FAcebook Ads has been the only platform that has been able to deliver QUANITY of leads at such a low COST in such a SHORT period of time.

Towards the end of my career as the sales and marketing manager, Facebook Ads become the #1 lead generation platform for the company. I began to see the results in many different industries and loved the results so much I decided to work on the Facebook platform full time.

I swapped my role as sales and marketing manager for Facebook Ads Strategist by starting my own consultancy and have never looked back. And neither have my clients.