The Complete Marketing Strategy That Turns Cold Prospects Into High Paying Clients

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The Best Way To Grow A Business

1. A Proven Marketing Strategy

On-Demand Video Training and Interactive virtual workshops bring you the latest, most up-to-date information.

2. World-Class Training

Ask the MindPath faculty and your fellow Members anything via the private, members-only Facebook Group.

3. Coaching that Gets Results

Work with a coach in a group coaching environment to have your work reviewed, enhanced and learn from other student businesses. Your coach will be a consultant who works for clients every day.

The Plan

1. Build a Database Of Your Perfect Prospects

In the Digital Marketing Accelerator, you will develop a holistic digital marketing strategy, incorporating social media, paid advertising, content marketing and email marketing.

2. Nurture Them Until They are Ready To Buy

Once you have designed your online marketing strategy you will build it, run the campaigns, test, measure and iterate until you get results.

3. Convert Them Into High Paying Clients

Your mentors in the program are working in the digital marketing industry and teach and mentor based on current real-world experience not textbooks.

Master Industry Tools

Facebook Ads
Google Analytics

What You Get

What You’ll Learn

Digital Strategy

Design a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to attract a cold audience and convert them into a paying customer.

Funnel Building

Build out a marketing funnel to nurture each prospect and convert them when they are ready to buy your product or service.

Email Marketing

Learn how to set up and implement an effective email marketing campaign to keep your business top of mind for your prospects, clients and partners.

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Advertising

Learn how to execute paid advertising campaigns that deliver leads, build authority and convert prospects in your funnels into paying clients quickly and effectively.

Social Media promotion

Learn the #1 advantages and limitations of social media promotion and how to use it to grow your marketing list and fill the top of the funnel.


Use remarketing to stay in front of warm prospects to build brand, authority and trust to position your company as the go-to company when they are ready to take the next step.

Content Marketing

We will teach you how to build a content marketing plan that delivers results. The plan will include, video, blog posts, podcasts and lead magnets.

Video Marketing

Video is the #1 marketing medium online today. You will learn how to record, edit and promote video content online to grow your brand, audience, list and client base.

Marketing Automation

You will setup en effective marketing automation sequences to nurture your prospects to help them make a buying decision. These sequences will include email, text message and remarketing ads.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are the core of an online marketing strategy and you will learn how to design and structure high converting landing pages. You will be given a formula that has been proven to work.

Sale Focused Copywriting

Copywriting is the foundation that all digital marketing campaigns rest. You will be taught the guiding principles that all great sales copy follows to give your campaigns the fuel required to convince and convert your prospects into clients.

Marketing Sprints

Each month we’ll be introducing a new Marketing Sprint to help you complete a digital marketing project in just 10 days. Launching is only part of the fun, in our Private Facebook Group, you’ll be able to share your results and tweak each campaign with the MindPath team and other Members!


Stage 1: Sprint Workshop (Day 1)

Every new Marketing Sprint starts with a Sprint Workshop. This live, 5-hour workshop (emphasis on work) will give you the instructions you need to get your project off the ground. The training is dedicated to giving you the foundations and deliverables necessary to get your project ready to publish in 10 days.


Stage 2: Sprint Support Call (Day 2)

We want to strike while the iron is hot, so the day after your workshop we’ll be holding an hour-long Sprint Support Call to get those final questions answered and remove any of those roadblocks that will keep you from pushing this project to the backburner. In fact, these calls are designed to educate and inspire you to take your project to 110%.


Stage 3: Mastermind (Days 3-7)

During this implementation period, you’re going to have the opportunity to share your work and get advice from other members who are all working on the same project. These insights will give you the information you need during your implementation process before the upcoming Sprint Critique Workshop.


Stage 4: Sprint Critique (Day 8)

After the workshop and the sprint support call we want you to get to work. You’ll have an entire week to get your project ready to review. During Sprint Critique your coach will review your project before going live. This process will ensure that your project will be ready to ship.


Stage 5: Shipping Day (Day 10)

This is where all the hard work comes to a head. Your work MUST go live to the public that day. So publish that pillar post, send traffic to that lead magnet, kick off that automation sequence, just flip that switch from off to on!

Experience the Future of Learning

Watch Video Training

Our program has over 100 videos that teach the principles of each marketing concept. These videos then go into detail on how to set up each tactic in detail. All you have to do is follow the steps to build your marketing campaign.

Attend Group Coaching Calls

The power of the Digital Marketing Accelerator is in the Group Coaching Calls. These calls are held over a Zoom meeting and held with a coach who is currently working in the industry. They alternate between coaching and consulting. They will look at the work you have completed and sometimes they will tell you what do and other times they will take control of your screen and do it with you. These calls get even better when you see the coach do this for 3, 4, 5 students work every week. This experience helps you master the principles being taught faster than just working on your project.

Complete Marketing Sprints

The marketing sprints are designed to help you get marketing tactics completed in a 10 day period. The #1 skill the top 3% of marketers is their ability to execute quickly and often. To help you get to the top 3% we have designed Marketing Sprints to help you get things done in a deadline and accountability. The Monthly Marketing Sprints are completed in 10 days and start with a 5-hour workshop to kickstart your implementation phase. Get involved in a Marketing Sprint and you can rest assured your next marketing campaign will go live in 10 days.

Execution Plans

Execution plans are fully documented policies and procedures written by agencies for agencies to execute their marketing strategies. You will have access to them as a student to speed up your implementation. The execution plans include video tutorials, checklists, worksheets and templates which allow anyone to follow the instructions and execute the plan with little experience.

Worksheets and Templates

The worksheets and templates are used by agencies to ensure the highest quality of implementation. Whether it is writing a Facebook Ad, design an Instagram image, writing a video script or crafting a headline for a blog post, we have a template for that. These templates speed up your delivery time and keep your deliverable using industry best practices.

Connect with Peers

Connecting with other students in the program is one of the best ways to learn quicker and get help. They are on the journey with you to become a Digital Marketer and will often have the answers you are seeking as they may be at a more advanced stage of the program than you.

These relationships are also helpful when you leave the program and we encourage students to keep in contact as they start working as a digital marketer.

We have a student portal and close Facebook group which facilitates the support and relationships.

Course Outline


6 monthly payments


Minimum 12 months

One time payment


One-Time Yearly Fee

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All Prices are in US Dollars

Who is it for

Small Business Owners

The program will teach you how to build a digital marketing strategy that wins new clients and grows your business. You are the best person to take control of you marketing and we will help you do so

Marketing Teams

Ensure your marketing team are executing your digital marketing strategy at the highest level with world class training and mentoring. Get a return from your investment in your team

Marketing Agencies

Get the best training from professionals who live and breathe digital marketing everyday through working with clients and coaching other professionals. If you want to be the best then learn from the best

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