4 Technical Tips For Recording Video for Facebook Ads

Recording video is hot on Facebook at the moment. Currently, it’s cheap to pay for views, and if someone watches your video, you can retarget them with Facebook Ads.

Sounds good? But how do you record high-quality videos you can use on Facebook?

Well, I’ve spent some time looking into it, and I’ve come up with four technical tips to help you record a great video for use on Facebook.

1. Sound is #1

People can forgive a poor picture quality, but they won’t forgive poor sound quality. if someone is distracted by poor audio, then they will stop watching your video.

Make sure you use at least a lapel mic or something similar to remove background noise and enhance the quality of your voice.

2. Lighting

Lighting is tricky, so the best way to avoid getting caught up in the jungle of lighting is to record your videos outside.

If you have to record your video inside, make sure it’s in a room with a big window. Face the window, so the light is shining on your face. If you need an additional light source to brighten up your face, you can use a lamp.

3. Use Your Mobile Phone

Most new phone cameras are more than adequate for recording business video. If you have a new iPhone or Samsung S7 or S8, then you are good to go.

Buying a dedicated video camera is a good second step, but if you want to get up and running fast, then use your phone. Video cameras can get very technical very quickly and for most non-technical users, will cause them to give up video altogether.

4. Just Do It!

Many people never start with video because they want it to be perfect. They want their performance the lighting, the sound, the information to be of a high quality. I appreciate their desire to be excellent, but when you are producing your own videos, the reality is the first 20 or so are not going to be your best.

But you will get better with practice.

How do you get around this? You don’t. You just move forward and release them. You get feedback from your peers and make improvements with every new video you create.

By the time you reach video 20, you will be awesome.


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