The Best Landing Page Builders For Facebook Ads

When running Facebook Ads, you need to create a page on your website for a prospect to land on when they click on the ad. This page is called a landing page.

There are two ways to build a landing page:

  1. Create a new page on your website. For this, you will need to access to your website where you can create a new page. Creating a new page can be difficult as it almost always requires HTML programming skills, so business users often struggle as it is complicated.
  2. Use a Landing Page Builder. These apps allow you to build a landing page using a WYSIWYG builder. These builders enable you to create a web page with no programming skills and often use a drag and drop approach which is very easy for business users.

In todays video I outline the top 3 landing page builders and my recommendation.

There are three top contenders who are often recommended by marketers.

Lead Pages

LeadPages is the first landing page builder I used. I like it because it provides users with landing page templates which are rated by conversion rate. LeadPages know which page templates convert the best because they review all the pages used by their users and track their conversions.

This features allows marketers to spend little time on design but know they are using a highly optimised landing page for conversions.

For a long time the pages on LeadPages were very rigid when it came to editing the layout. Recently, LeadPages has added a comprehensive landing page builder giving users a lot more flexibility to change the layout of the pages.

When first released the editor was a bit clunky but I am sure they will fix this as they iterate and add more functionality.


Unbounce is a very popular service amoungst marketers. Unbounce has always given the end user total control over the layout and look and feel of the page they build. It is a very flexible platform.

I have not used this service much because it gave me too much flexibility. I know, it sounds silly, but let me explain. I didn’t like many of the templates Unbounce provided, so I had to customise the templates.

As I am not a designer, my designs always looked awful, so I just gave up and used LeadPages instead. The inflexibility of LeadPages actually made it a better for me as a non designer, because I had confidence I was using a highly optimised page.

As everyone has different needs, I would still encourage you to try Unbounce. There are many well known companies using it and I know it is a great platform.

I feel if you have a marketing team and need your page customised with your company branding, then unbounce is far better platform than LeadPages.


ClickFunnels is the landing page builder I currently use. There are two features I like about ClickFunnels which the other platforms don’t have:

  1. You can create a funnel on the platform. A funnel is a series of pages that your prospect will land on as they engage with your business. You can manage these pages together as a sequence which makes it easier to visualise and work with.
  2. You can copy a funnel and upload it into your client account. This is very helpful if you run an agency and you want to save time.

Other than these two features I think all three platforms are basically on par.


If you are a beginner, I would suggest you start with LeadPages as it is the easiest platform to use and the pages are ranked in conversion rate order. Then when you need more complex requirements and you start building funnels on Facebook, I suggest you move to ClickFunnels as its advanced features makes this process much easier to manage.


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