Facebook Ads Offers That Attract Listing Leads

If real estate agents want to be successful at finding listing leads on Facebook, they need to get their offer right.

The offer is so important to get prospects clicking on the ad and filling out their details including phone number.

A weak offer will mean no one will click on your ad and you will lose your investment on Facebook.

There are three offers that work well on Facebook:

1. Get your house appraised

Offering a free house appraisal is the goal every agent wants but now necessarily what gets home sellers excited. Everyone is offering free home evaluations, so you have to get creative when trying to secure house appraisals on Facebook.

You can offer a free house appraisal, but it is a weak offer.

2. How long will it take to sell your house

Providing some guidance on how long it should take a person to sell their home based on past sales is a piece of information that is important to many home sellers and hard to find. Some will most definitely swap their contact details for this knowledge. Try it as the offer on your next Facebook Ad.

3. Information that home sellers desire

Finally, creating an ebook with information that home sellers would find interesting is a great offer for Facebook. Some topics to get you started are:

  1. How To Sell A House for the maximum price
  2. Top 5 Cheapest Home Improvements To Increase Your Home’s Value
  3. Best Time To Sell A House…In YOUR AREA

Anyone who requests an ebook with these titles if highly likely to be part of the listing leads.


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