The Best Marketing Strategy For B2B (2021)

Is it possible to generate high-quality B2B leads from online marketing?

The resounding answer is YES!

But you need the right strategy.

In this video, I explain the 3 pronged strategies I use to generate a tsunami of B2B appointments for my clients and my business.

It will surprise you at how easy it is, and how so many just don’t do it.

In this video, I will show you real-world examples of how consistent content creation has grown real businesses.

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If you’re a B2B business and your clients are other businesses, I want to show you today how you can craft a B2B online marketing strategy that finds prospects, captures their details, nurtures them, and then gets them to book an appointment with you so they can then become a client. And if that’s the kind of strategy you’re looking for so stick around, because that’s what today’s video is all about.

B2B is an online marketing and an effective method to get more B2B leads and convert them. And I would say yes, definitely. Now, of course, there are some fringe businesses out there that actually all online marketing doesn’t work for. You know, if you’re dealing with government agencies, then you’re not going to find them online.

Typically it’ll come through relationships and there are different industries where, you know, the online approach just doesn’t work. But by far the majority of B2B are able to get leads online. So whether you’re a consultant, whether you are an attorney, whether you’re a coach, whether you sell widgets to different industries, it’s highly likely that some sort of online marketing strategy will work.

And today I want to share with you the three-pronged approach to make it work, okay. The first thing you have to do, if you just look at the iPad, the first thing you have to do is you have to have a lead generation strategy. This is where you’ve got to be able to generate leads online. If you can’t do this, then that’s when you realize maybe my industry isn’t going to work, but the reality is most industries do work because even if you’re dealing with the government, there are a lot of government people on LinkedIn, and you can hand-select people based on the role they have in an organization and the type of organization or the industry they’re in.

You can do outreach on LinkedIn, by connecting with people, I generate a lot of leads for them. If you’re looking for accountants, if you’re looking for attorneys, if you’re looking for business coaches, if you’re looking for manufacturing people, all these people are on Facebook. They’re just normal people who are on Facebook. You just have to figure out how to find them and how to get to them.

You can generate leads through Facebook. You can use cold email, cold email is tremendously effective. But most businesses don’t do it because they don’t understand it. And you’ve got to understand that cold email is a numbers game. A lot of the software as service companies like and HubSpot.

All of these apps have used cold calling or some sort of outreach program via email to connect with decision-makers in large companies. That might be a strategy you could use, but there are many, many other strategies you can use, you could just use cold calling and you just pick up the phone and call, there’s not really a technology-focused strategy, but it works.

So your first goal is to generate a lead, get the name, phone number, and email address of someone that you can follow up with. But the key online is there’s another two steps that you have to go through to get someone, to actually book an appointment so your salespeople can speak to them. And the first one is the short term nurture.

Now, what is this? Nurture is really about getting someone prepared and ready to book an appointment, but there’s two types of the short term nurture and then there’s the long-term nurture. And these are very, very important to know the difference and to know the reason for having the short term is in a very short amount of time.

You need to be able to try and get someone onto an appointment, onto a phone call, into a meeting. And that can be as short as a few minutes If someone downloads a lead magnet they go to a thank you page. You give them a questionnaire, they fill it in, they’ll realize they have a problem and you ask them to book an appointment very very quick or you could get someone into a webinar where now they’ve booked a time for next week and they’re gonna turn up to the webinar You’re going to impress them on the webinar You’re going to ask them to book an appointment. It might be a LinkedIn strategy where you do the initial connection. Now you have the contact details and over the next few days, you’re going to message them on LinkedIn to actually get them to book an appointment. They are very short term nurture strategies, and you need to have a handful of those that are constantly working with each of your leads as they come in.

That’s the first thing. Now, are you going to get a lot of people actually taking that next step instantly? No, of all the leads that come in you might get a percentage, 4% 5% 10% whatever it is it’s a small amount but what do you do with the other 95% of leads that come in and take no action. Well, that’s where the long-term nurture comes in. And long-term nurture is over a long period of time,

you nurture those people. You, I guess, look after them, you build your authority and their mindset and you get them to know, like, and trust you. And that long-term nurture is the most powerful part, because once you are constantly adding new people to your funnel, new people to your database, and you’re trying to get them on the phone initially.

And then the ones that don’t, which is the majority and you then nurture them over the next month, two months, quarter, six three to six months. Constantly that can be showing ads about your company.

Educating. That’s very, very cheap to do that. You can also do retargeting on LinkedIn when they got to LinkedIn and also Google ads through the Google ad platform and Instagram as well. So you can do all that retargeting. Another thing you can do is send a weekly email to your database. Every week, week after week, you’re sending an email, you’re educating, not telling them about how great you are, but telling them how you can serve them. Educate them about the things that they’re interested in.

You become an authority and a trusted advisor and someone who’s always pinging in their inbox every single week. Another way that you can nurture people is by putting on some events and either promoting it on Facebook or LinkedIn or through email or through your website, but constantly be putting on events where they come to the event and then it builds authority.

It might be an in-person event. It might be an online event, but that long-term nurture is very, very important. And then the last piece in that is where you may get your salespeople to respond to people who are taking action in that nurture sequence. So they might not be booking an appointment or call you, but what they might be doing is clicking a link and with a great CRM,

when someone clicks a link in an email, you can get a notification and you can call them if they’re in your database. If someone goes to a certain landing page, you can get a notification and call them straight away. And so you may have that kind of interaction with salespeople calling based on that, or you might have an interaction with salespeople are actually, just calling on a regular basis where they try and call when they first come into the database and a month later, and two months after that, and three months after that, they’re constantly trying to have that conversation with them. And if you’re a B2B company, this method that I’ve just described to you.

Where you generate a lead. You put them in a short term nurture and then long-term nurture and you’re constantly being proactive. You’re constantly delivering value. It creates a tsunami for you of leads coming in over a long period of time. So there’s the short term which is here, and there’s the long-term.

You always have to combine the two. Short term leads and long-term leads. If you can do this, it’ll explode your business. It’ll grow your business in a way that you could never imagine, but what does it take? It takes a clear strategy. Attract leads, generate leads, nurture them quickly, try and get them into an appointment.

And if I don’t get them into a long-term nurture and stay faithful to those people, as you would with family, nurture them, look after them until they are ready to make a buying decision. Because a lot of times with B2B, it can be a longer sale cycle. So have the patience to do that. I would encourage you if you do that, it will make a massive difference in your business.

If you want to learn more about how to do this, I want to encourage you to join my Facebook group called The Marketing Roadmap Community. Type those keywords into Facebook, or click the link around this video and sign up for it because I do training like this every single day into that group. And I give you lots of tips and I help you to execute these kinds of strategies in your business.

Marketing can actually lead to sales. I really believe that sales plus marketing equals business growth, not marketing, and not just sales. It’s both of them working together. So I want to encourage you to join the Facebook group. I look forward to speaking to you soon.

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