Facebook Ads Don’t Work

I was speaking at a Facebook Ads event this week, and someone from the audience made this statement, “Facebook ads don’t work!”

I asked them why they felt that way and they explained their experience to me. After listening to them, I gave them the following advice.

Facebook Ads Do Work!

I started out by telling them that Facebook Ads do work, they are probably doing it wrong. You see, there is a steep learning curve to learn how to use Facebook Ads properly. The platform is not intuitive, and you will need help from someone experiences to be successful.

You Need The Right Strategy

Facebook Ads will work for you if you use the right strategy. Strategy is so important with Facebook Ads because the platform uses an interruption based approach. What this means is that Facebook Ads are shown to people who are not expecting to see your ad in their newsfeed.

Because of this you need to have a hook to get them interested. Then you need to nurture their interest until they are ready to buy. And finally you need to use Facebook ads to convince them to buy.

This three step approach needs to follow a clear strategy, and if you don’t follow it, you may not get the results you desire.

So if you are trying to get great results with Facebook Ads and are currently struggling you have three options to get it right.

Option 1: Daily Facebook Marketing Videos

I release one new Facebook Ads strategy video every single day. These videos are freely available and I record them to help people learn the right way to run Facebook Ads. Every day when I work on my client campaigns I write down what I learn and release these as a new video each day.

I believe this is one of the best free ways to learn Facebook Ads best practice.

You can sign up to receive my daily videos at:

  1. My YouTube channel
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  4. My weekly Newsletter

Option 2: Complete A Course

To speed up the learning process, I suggest doing a Facebook Ads course. There are many online courses available. Some are better than others.

I offer a course called the Facebook Ads Intensive. It’s a live training, and I hold it monthly in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The awesome thing about this course is it is broken into two components:

  1. Live in person training – The first part of the course is a one day live training. In the day I teach you the strategy to use on Facebook and together we start to build your strategy unique to your business.
  2. Mentoring – I then coach you and the other students for the next four weeks as you run your first campaign. I help you when you get stuck and am available to answer your questions about your specific business requirements that may not have been covered in the course.

Option 3: Hire a Consultant

Lastly, if you don’t have the time or patience to manage your own Facebook Ads campaigns, you can hire a consultant to do it all for you. Many businesses who fall in this category.

I am a Facebook Ads consultant and have helped many businesses grow their businesses with Facebook Ads.

You can find out more about my Facebook Ads services at https://marlonmarescia.com/facebook-ads-consulting/

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