Facebook Ads Tip: Get More Leads By Solving A Pain

Facebook Ads are one of the best ways to generate leads online right now. But just because you run an ad, doesn’t mean you’ll capture lots of leads.

There is a formula to generating lots of high quality leads using Facebook Ads and no it isn’t a secret like many would make you think. It is just marketing 101.

This week I ran a Facebook Ad campaign for a webinar.  It captured 249 signups in just 20 hours. The total spend was $312.28 and the cost per lead was $1.25.

Facebook Ad Campaign Results

How did I get so many people to sign ups to the webinar so quickly? I followed this simple framework.

1. Focused On A Niche

Step 1 is to focus on a niche. I know you have heard it all before, so I won’t bore you with another lecture.

I will say that Facebook allows you to target a niche better than any other platform. They have an amazing targeting engine which allows you to laser focus in on a niche.

I know a lot of business people struggle with a niche because they don’t know how to find their niche even if they had one. Well Facebook solves this problem by collecting data on every action a user takes on the platform and allowing you to target them based on what they like, what they talk about, the pages they follow, the friends they have and hundreds of other data point.

2. Find Their Biggest Pain

Once you have a niche you have to find their biggest pain.

Our natural instinct is to remove the pain in our lives. Business is the same. If you try to sell someone something they don’t need, you will be frustrated. It is hard to sell ice to eskimos bceause they just don’t need it. Try selling something they really need.

Identify a pain your prospects have and make it pain your focus. Don’t make your business the focus. Nobody cares about your business or you on Facebook. They only care about themselves and how you can help them solve their pain.

3. Build A Lead Magnet That Solves The Pain

Once you have identified your niche’s #1 pain, then build a lead magnet that helps them solve their pain.

A lead magnet is an ebook, webinar, video or another piece of content you give away in exchange for a prospect’s contact details.

This is what you will advertise on Facebook. No you won’t advertise a sales page or an offer for your products or services. Your first interaction with your prospect will be an offer to help them solve their pain.

In this case I built a webinar which shows the prospects how to solve their #1 pain point.

4. Pain Focused Facebook Ad

Finally you want to create a Facebook Ad which promotes the lead magnet by talking about the pain the niche is experiencing. Promise them that by signing up for the webinar, ebook or video series they will be told how to solve their pain.

Of course I am assuming that you actually do this in the webinar, video or ebook. You must deliver on your promise.


If you want to use your money wisely on Facebook, then you want to promote content that solves your clients pain points. Never promote your services directly. Always offer a valuable piece of content in exchange for your prospects contact details.

Facebook is not a platform where you sell your services or products. It is a lead generation platform where you capture new leads and make the sale off Facebook.

Let me know in the comments if you have had success generating leads on Facebook and what tactics you used.

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