The Facebook Ads Value Ladder

The Facebook Ads Value Ladder describes the progression a business goes through when starting to advertise on Facebook.

Everyone starts with boosting posts and collecting post likes, shares and comments, but it all gets old very quickly as you realise you aren’t making any sales.

The key to finding cold prospects on Facebook and turn them into paying clients is to build a funnel which takes people through the Buyers Journey.

The Buyers Journey is the decision process a customer goes through when they make a buying decision. All start at the awareness stage where they realise they have a problem then moves to the consideration stage where they start looking for options. And finally, they move to the decision stage where they select the right product or service for them.

The perfect Facebook sales funnel takes a Facebook user though this process on the platform.

Facebook Ads Value Ladder

Below are the five stages of the Facebook Ads Value Ladder:

1. Post Likes, Comments and Shares

Everybody starts by boosting a post and getting pages likes, comments and share. It feels pretty good when you see people engaging with your Facebook posts. What you quickly realise if that you can’t build a business on such vanity metrics.

Most people give up on Facebook when this occurs.  What they should do is climb to the next rung of the ladder.

2. Page Likes

You can run ads to get more page likes on your business page. By doing this, you can show your ads to these people. If you are wise and the people you’ve targeted are your perfect prospect, then you’ll be able to lower your cost to engage them and show them ads in which they are interested.

3. Website Traffic

The next step up is to drive traffic from Facebook to your website. If your website is optimised to take a buyer through the buyer’s journey, then you can push them along the sales pipeline. When someone arrives at your website from Facebook, they are fully immersed in your business and not distracted by what is happening on Facebook.

4. Lead Generation

Other than sales, the next best thing you can do on Facebook is capturing your perfect prospects contact details. Once you do this, you’re in control of the relationship and not Facebook. You now determine when and how you communicate with your prospect.

To capture contact details like names, email addresses and even phone numbers you have to run a Facebook Ad that offers a prospect something of value. Prospects find ebooks, videos, cheat sheets or webinars valuable. And in exchange for the offer they will give you their contact details.

5. Sales

The holy grail of Facebook Ads is making a sale. Taking a cold prospect you found on Facebook and converting them into a paying client is what every marketer wants, but very few achieve.

The reason is they do one-off ads instead of building a series of ads that leads a Facebook user along the buyer’s journey. What you need is a Facebook sales funnel. Once you have an optimised funnel, you’re able to control how many leads and sales you make by the amount of money you spend every week.


I hope you find yourself at the top of the Facebook Ads Value Ladder very quickly. The top of the ladder is where you see a positive ROI on your spend and can grow your business through Facebook Ads.

Write in the comments below where are you on the Facebook Ads Value Ladder?

What is the next step for you to climb the ladder?

If you have any other questions, write them in the comments below.

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