Do Facebook Ads Work For B2B?

I have been asked a lot lately if Facebook Ads will work for B2B businesses. My answer is always “Yes!”

You see with the rise of platforms like Facebook, the concepts of B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) has been minimised, and the rise of P2P has begun.

What is P2P? P2P is People to People. It doesn’t matter anymore if you are selling to businesses or consumers, what is important is the need to reach the person. Whether that person is buying a product for themselves or the company, they work in, in today’s market, you need to build a relationship with the individual.

On Facebook, you’re able to reach the person through demographic and interest targeting. This targeting enables you to find only the people who fit the profile of your perfect prospect and show adds to only them.

Using the Facebook platform you can build a relationship with these people around the pain point your business solves for them. By educating them to fix this pain point you can build trust on Facebook. If you stay on top of mind when it comes time for them to make a buying decision they will think of your business.

I have used this strategy in the tech industry for many years. I promoted live events teaching software developers to learn a new technology. We engaged with the software developers on Facebook with blog posts, ebooks and webinars. We then promoted a paid live event to them through Facebook Ads.

At the events, we educated these developers and started building a relationship with them. Over time we stayed in contact with them, and when they needed a project completed, they thought of the company and recommended them as a vendor.

Selling to businesses on Facebook is not only possible but very lucrative. It has become easier to reach the right people in the firm because of the targeting that Facebook provides marketers.

You might have to get a little creative to find them on Facebook, but believe me, once you figure it out, it’s worth the effort.

Let me know in the comments below if you have had success selling in the B2B space on Facebook.



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