Facebook Funnels Are Like Dating

Building out a sales funnel on Facebook is important if you want to create long-term success for your Facebook Ads campaigns.

In this video, I explain the parallels between dating and a Facebook Funnel to show you the importance of a funnel.

Let’s say you’re at a party and you see a guy or girl across the room with whom you become very interested. You would be a little crazy if you walked up to them and asked them to marry you. In fact, the only answer you would expect from a sane person is an emphatic, “NO!”

But this is what businesses are doing every day on Facebook. They’re finding a prospect whom they don’t know and doesn’t know them and essentially asking them the big question, “Will you marry me?”

In business terms this sounds more like, “Will you buy my product or service?”

The Dating Sales Funnel

This approach is entirely wrong. What you need to do when dating, and when advertising on Facebook and when building out a funnel. In dating terms it looks something like:

  1. Introduce Yourself – Walk up to the person and start talking
  2. Small Commitment – Ask them out for a coffee
  3. Bigger commitment – If the coffee goes well ask them for a little more commitment and go out for a formal date where you get dressed up, spend some money and get to know them even better
  4. Get to know each other – Then court them for a few years, so you get to know each other more intimately
  5. The big question – Finally, if you have moved them along the dating funnel correctly you pop the big question, “Will you marry me?”

The Facebook Funnel

A Facebook Funnel is remarkably similar to the dating funnel. Here are the corresponding steps:

  1. Introduce Yourself – Show them a piece of content on Facebook which presents the pain point you can solve for them. There is no commitment to see this content i.e. the user can just click and view the content
  2. Small Commitment – Show them some content which requires their email address to view
  3. Bigger commitment – Give them an opportunity to join a webinar where they spend 1 hour with you while you educate them on the pain point your solve
  4. Get to know each other – Continue to educate them on how to solve their pain point with emails and content on Facebook
  5. The big question – Finally, if you have moved them along the Facebook Funnel correctly and they are ready, you pop the big question, “Will you buy my product or service?”

This above is an example of a typical Facebook Funnel which has worked for many professional services companies. The steps involved will change depending on the industry. Some will have more and others less.


Always remember to treat your prospects with the same respect you would treat a person you are courting. Never try to rush them and force them to do anything they are not ready to do.

Make sure you cover all the steps required to build trust with your prospect. Taking the necessary time for them to get to know you and you to understand them.

If you do, you will get a resounding “Yes!” when you finally ask the big question.

Let me know in the comments below if you have used a similar approach in your Facebook Ads campaigns and what the results were like.

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