Why Facebook Protects It’s Users From Marketers

Facebook is the most powerful platform available to marketers today, and Facebook knows it.

One of the reasons it has done so well is because it works hard to protect its user base from the marketers who provide it with its billions of dollars of income.

Yes, Facebook works to make sure these marketers don’t ruin the experience for its end users. Facebook has the highest engagement rates of all the social platforms around today. In some countries, people spend from 20 – 40 minutes a day using the platform.

Now that Facebook has reached such high engagement rates, it could lose it very quickly if those users become tired of the platform.

It is a delicate balancing act between showing users as many ads as possible, but too many and turn them off. There is another factor that is also important for Facebook.

Showing users ads they are interested in is a major concern. My experience is that if I am interested in an ad, then I don’t mind seeing it. I am sure that many other users also feel the same way.

Personally, I have learned much and have been entertained by many Facebook Ads over the last few years. So I do not begrudge seeing them. I feel Facebook has worked hard to find that balance for me.

How does Facebook find this balance? Facebook determines whether an ad is relevant to an audience by how they interact with it. By liking, sharing or commenting on an ad it shows users are engaged with it. Facebook gives a relevancy score to ads which is determined by how much engagement the ad is receiving.

If an ad is not achieving much engagement then it receives a low relevancy score. The cost to show the ad is increased and the opportunities to show the ad are decreased.

This has proved to be a very effective way to keep users engaged by seeing ads they are interested in. Facebook advertisers have many rules they need to follow to firstly ensure that they get their ads approved and secondly ensure their ads are displayed to their target audience at an affordable rate.

These rules are welcomed by both Facebook users and also marketers who know that an engaged audience means the platform will grow. The bigger Facebook becomes, and the more engaged the users only mean more opportunities for good marketers to prosper on the platform.

Let me know in the comments below if you are a marketer, and if you appreciate the hoops, Facebook makes you jump through to advertise on their platform.

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