Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio Review 2022

Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio

The best managed WordPress hosting Convesio company offers exceptional customer service and high uptime.

Convesio is nimble and flexible, with high-speed infrastructure for complex websites in only a few clicks.

With Docker containers on the fastest cloud platforms, they claim that WordPress auto-scaling is made simple.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio?

Convesio is a managed Services platform that runs on Docker containers and targets critical applications.

Tom Fanelli, a highly competent programmer, and entrepreneur, created Convesio in 2018.

The platform was created with the intention of allowing users to expand WordPress without the need for a system administrator.

It allows users to manage WordPress websites without any technical knowledge. Setting up a server is very simple.

Convesio allows you to construct high-performance WordPress sites because it enables you to host infinitely accessible WordPress websites.

A load balancer, database cluster, and expandable file system are all included on every Convesio website.

Convesio’s cloud-based identity management system, which is completely web-based and administered without software or hardware, allows you to fully manage your business’s online presence.

It sets itself apart from competitors by implementing unique features such as automated updates; rapid and dependable service, exceptional performance, and free domain name registration for each service you purchase.

The new container-based managed-to-host service from Convesio will be released soon. If you want to test it out, sign up for the beta program now.

Convesio offers managed hosting.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an online software platform that enables users to create their own website or blog.

It’s a free, open-source, and powerful content management system (CMS).

The WordPress CMS allows you to quickly develop a new WordPress site like blogs, internet magazines, and business websites with ease.

With the aid of simple drag-and-drop controls, you are able to update your website even if you are not a developer.

What is WordPress Managed Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting is a service that not only hosts your WordPress Website but helps with the technical aspects of running WordPress.

This type of host offers enhanced security, speed, and updates, as well as data loss prevention, website uptime, and scalability for your website.

Their support is normally outstanding with professionals who can help you with any WordPress hosting issue to help you relieve pressure, save time, and ensure a smooth operation of your website.

High Availability WordPress Hosting

High availability refers to a web server’s ability to operate without interruption from software or hardware issues.

There are many types of web hosts available and trying to find the right one can be difficult. You can choose a shared host, managed host, or unmanaged host.

Convesio is one of the most popular WordPress hosting businesses, standing out in a crowded market with its excellent availability and robust hosting choices.

This article will give our unbiased opinion on the benefits and disadvantages of using Convesio and also review the service.

Features Of The Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

Below are the most important features of Convesio’s hosting services.

Uptime For The Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

Because it makes use of load-balancer containers to minimize traffic strain, Convertitsio’s servers are never down.

As a result, unlike other websites that go down for minutes at a time, it allows your site to be up nearly all of the time.

Clustered Database WordPress Hosting Convesio

A MySQL cluster is a collection of databases that is operated by a single operational database server, such as WordPress Convesio’s sites are powered by robust MySQL servers.

Mysql RDBMS allows many individuals to administer and develop numerous databases, ensuring that website requests are processed quickly.

Auto Scalable WordPress Sites

The term “auto-scaling” refers to a method for dynamically changing the number of active servers in a data center.

As such, it’d be great if your website’s resources were automatically expanded to accommodate an unforeseen increase in traffic.

Convesio uses many containers that expand and commit to reducing resource usage, eliminating the need for a system administrator

Application Tracking

WordPress developers have tried to write code that runs efficiently.

APM is the practice of collecting log data in order to assist developers in monitoring application availability, as well as faults, resource usage, and changes that might have an impact on the end-user experience.

Convesio gives you the benefit of monitoring your online sites at the WordPress code level. ANY change can be reviewed and approved before the change is made.


Restoring a web-hosted database is one of the most time-consuming and hazardous tasks.

Nonetheless, Convesio’s self-restoration data feature eliminates this hazard. It also maintains a copy of the database and restores it if your site goes down for any reason.

Rapid Caching

Static page caching is a way to make dynamic information static, and it can often improve page loading times by 2x to 5x.

This is due to the fact that each time a user sends an HTTP request, the material on a webpage is generated.

The following are Convesio’s server-level cache layers’ primary goals.

  1. After the first load: Convesio replicates the page, then shows the cached version to users.
  2. It assures lightning-fast performance.
  3. No third-party plugins are activated.
  4. Storage space on your site is not used up.
Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio

Security Monitoring

Is Convesio the most secure WordPress hosting service?

Convesio offers cutting-edge security technology to help you identify and address any security concerns.

Furthermore, you may change the code, configurations, and environment variables ahead of time to prevent spyware and other dangers.

Optimize for Speed

Convesio improves the speed of your website by applying technologies such as distributed databases and caching pages.

HTTP/2 increases the site’s performance while also saving data bandwidth.

There is no commitment in Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

Convesio may be the best choice for your WordPress hosting requirements if you’re looking for a transparent WordPress hosting solution.

It never ties you into contracts and only takes a few minutes to move your site to virtually any other web hosting service.

Free transfer from your existing WordPress hosting provider

If you want to move your site to Convesio, the Convesio team will do it for you in just a few steps and it only takes around 48 hours.

Backup is automatic

Convesio allows you to quickly back up, replicate, and restore your website. It automatically backs up your data; however, you must set the restoration time every three hours and 15 days.

Money-back guarantee

Convesio is one of the most dependable internet hosting services available today.

It provides a free month-long trial without requiring you to provide your credit card information.

As a result, you won’t have to worry about signing up for an expensive plan if it doesn’t work out for you.

Customer Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Customer support from Convesio’s team is available to help you with your website. They’ll be there for you whenever you need them the most, with techs on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The fact that they are confident in their abilities means that they will take the lead and provide an unrivaled response, so don’t even think about technical issues.

Convesio has Multiple Servers are around the Globe

Convesio’s web servers are based in Europe, which ensures that customers get a quick website experience as close to them as possible.

They’ve already handled web hosting speeds but it’s also critical to pick web hosts with fast servers located all around the world.

You can’t influence the location of your web hosting server or its bandwidth speed, but Convesio hosting companies are leaders in offering ultra-fast internet connections worldwide.

Our network caches your websites on our computers, so visitors see

Visit Convesio Hosting

Most web hosts, however, are designed to handle typical website applications like Magento, Drupal, and other software without any thought for performance or optimal configuration.

In the absolute worst-case scenario, web hosts have been known to include bloatware and malware.

Top Reasons To Choose Convesio

The main reasons Convesio WordPress Hosting is superior to all other hosting is:

Distributed architecture – Convesio differs from traditional shared servers which have multiple servers. The load-balancing system in Convesio distributes traffic across several servers. You won’t have much problem with high traffic on WordPress sites.

Super fast Caching – Convesio provides a special layer of caching for WordPress’s frontend.

In addition to this, Convesio includes Object Caches Pro, Human Malware Cleanup, and cloud storage for cloud computing.

What Makes Managed WordPress Hosting With Convesio Different?

Convesio’s Docker Containers set it apart from the competition. According to Convesio’s FAQ:

Unlike traditional WordPress hosting solutions, Convesio addresses limitations in shared and VPS hosting by providing a multi-tenant, redundant environment powered by Docker Containers. Each site running on the platform is backed by a redundant file system, database cluster, scalable PHP Runtime, and self healing architecture.

What this means is:

  • Docker is a type of software that allows you to store and run other applications or programs.
  • A container is a piece of software that includes code as well as any dependencies.
  • Unnecessary files and resources are not included.
  • When a physical machine fills up, containers are moved to another one.
  • Horizontal scaling occurs when this happens. Apps work quickly and properly.

Docker technology works because containers run on the operating system level rather than on a physical machine.

They’re less bloated and more portable as a result of it.

And with respect to WordPress, Convesio’s use of Docker containers guarantees that resources aren’t shared across sites.

Each WordPress site has its own container, not one that must compete for resources. If traffic increases, Convesio will add more containers to handle it.

Benefits of Docker Technology

In a number of ways, Docker technology helps Convesio gain an edge on its rivals including:

  1. ​Setup is quick — a WordPress website can be up and running in only a few minutes.
  2. There are many similarities between a VPS and a containerized environment.
  3. Automatically scale up or down as needed.
  4. When your website goes down, another container is

There is, however, a major disadvantage to using Docker: deploying a container can be time-consuming.

That’s why having Convesio take care of everything for you due to managed hosting is such an advantage.

Convesio Hosting Pricing

Convesio offers three levels: Starter, Business, and Enterprise. Convesio’s weakness is its high cost.

It might get quite expensive really fast, especially if you want more than what the Starter Plan has to offer.

Starter Plan

There’s only one Starter Plan, which costs $50 per month. This plan includes:

  • 1 install
  • 50GB of bandwidth
  • 5GB of disk space
  • 512MB of memory
  • 4 Workers
  • Manual scaling

Auto-scaling charges are per additional container and per hour. They cost 10% of the monthly price. Learn more here.

We must also note that this is considerably more expensive for a starter plan than most other managed WordPress hosts.

Other host companies, such as Flywheel and Pressable, impose limits on the number of installations but start at lower rates.

That said, their tiers are limited by “visits” rather than bandwidth, so you could discover Convesio’s that Convesio’s based plan is much better than these other hosts if you have high traffic. Which is what Convesio is all about.

Business Plans

There are three Business Plans to choose from:

Level 1 costs $150 per month. This plan includes:

  • 1 install
  • 50GB of bandwidth
  • 10GB of disk space
  • 2GB of memory
  • 16 Workers
  • Auto scaling
  • Redis
  • 4vCPU

Level 2 costs $300 per month. This plan includes:

  • 1 install
  • 300GB of bandwidth
  • 10GB of disk space
  • 6GB of memory
  • 32 Workers
  • Auto scaling
  • Redis
  • 6vCPU

Level 3 costs $600 per month. This plan includes:

  • 1 install
  • 500GB of bandwidth
  • 12GB of disk space
  • 6GB of memory
  • 50 Workers
  • Auto scaling
  • Redis
  • 8vCPU

The primary distinctions are in terms of vCPUs, memory, workers, and bandwidth. Compare the Business Plans here.

Enterprise Plans

There are three Enterprise Plans to choose from:

Level 5 costs $1,000 per month. This plan includes:

  • $1,000 Setup Fee
  • 1 install
  • 750GB of bandwidth
  • 50GB of disk space
  • 16GB of memory
  • Custom Workers
  • Auto scaling
  • Redis
  • 16vCPU

Level 6 costs $1,600 per month. This plan includes:

  • $1,000 Setup Fee
  • 1 install
  • 1TB of bandwidth
  • 75GB of disk space
  • 24GB of memory
  • Custom Workers
  • Auto scaling
  • Redis
  • 20vCPU

Level 6 costs $1,600 per month. This plan includes:

  • $2,400 Setup Fee
  • 1 install
  • 1.5TB of bandwidth
  • 100GB of disk space
  • 32GB of memory
  • Custom Workers
  • Auto scaling
  • Redis
  • 24vCPU

The primary distinctions lie in disk space, vCPUs, memory, and bandwidth. The Enterprise Plans may be compared here.

Who is Convesio Best For?

Convesio’s auto-scaling feature makes it ideal for a variety of businesses and circumstances.

According to Convesio’s website, their hosting plans are designed with a few specified uses in mind:

  • Distance learning/e-learning
  • Live events
  • Membership sites
  • Publishing
  • WooCommerce (online shops)
Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio

Convesio can assist businesses and individuals who want to rapidly scale their websites.

That might include hosting a virtual meeting, sending an email blast to your mailing list, or being featured in a prominent media source. Whatever the case may be, you need a lot of visitors fast.

In many cases, you’ll only need a single WordPress installation, but more than most managed hosts allow in terms of visits and bandwidth.

In comparison to other hosts, Convesio is a niche host.

Alternatives of Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio

If you want to know alternatives to Convesio, I’ve listed some cheaper alternatives. Any one of these would be a great managed WordPress hosting provider.

1) WPX

WPX Hosting is one of the world’s fastest managed WordPress hosting for the price range, according to

They really deliver excellent performance and are widely recommended by expert bloggers.

The normal support response time at WPX hosting is 30 seconds, which is incredible.

WPX offers some impressive features, such as Free site speed optimization, Unlimited bandwidth, FREE malware removal, and more.

The cost of WPX hosting begins at $24.99/month and you can get 2 months free if you sign up for a year.

They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide to cancel your subscription.

2) Kinsta

Another high-end managed WordPress hosting is Kinsta.

More than 22,000 businesses use Kinsta to host their company sites today.

You may use Kinsta to host a website, an online shop, an agency, or a business.

Almost 29 locations around the world have access to Kinsta’s data centers.

The pricing of Kinsta’s basic plan is $35 per month.

They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy WordPress hosting company, Kinsta is the way to go.

3) WPEngine

WPEngine is very similar to Kinsta in pricing, support, reliability, and speed. The main difference is on the larger plans you are able to get your own server instead of being on a shared server.

Frequently Asked Questions on Convesio

Here I’ve tried to answer some popular FAQs related to the managed WordPress hosting Convesio.

Q. How is Convesio different from other managed WordPress hosting providers?

Convesio is not your typical managed WordPress hosting. They have their own load balancer and caching system, which is completely unique. A self-healing architecture, redundant file system, clustered database, scalable PHP runtime, and a dynamic code loader are all used on each Convesio-hosted WordPress site.

Q. Does Convesio use cPanel?

No, Convesio does not have a cPanel hosting arrangement and does not use cPanel. To run a high-performance WordPress site, they use a custom implementation of PHP called Percona and GlusterFS.

Q. Do Convesio offer a free trial?

Yes, Convesio offers you free 30 days trial. You do not need to enter any credit card information to grab the free trial of Convesio.

Q. What does Convesio cost?

The pricing of the best managed WordPress hosting Convesio starts at $50 per month. Currently, 7 plans of Convesio are available. You can choose the best plan according to your needs.

Final Thoughts about Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio

The greatest advantage of Convesio is that your website will have near-perfect uptime. And if your website’s traffic increases, Convesio can handle it. It’ll then reset when traffic dies down again.

Other than the Starter Plan, other plans are costly. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use cPanel with Convesio because it has its own control panel.

There is a free trial so you can try it before you buy.

I recommend using managed WordPress hosting Convesio for websites that have a lot of traffic, need to be super fast, and need to have high reliability.

if you want to find out if Convesio is right for you, click here.

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