Why You Must Sell A Marketing System NOT A Service

Marketing System Not A Service

You must deliver a Marketing System not a marketing service if you want to remove the feast and famine cycle of running a marketing agency.

Creating a steady monthly recurring income should be your number one priority.

It solves so many problems. Cashflow creates space for you to grow your agency, work on high-value internal projects, and get great results for your clients.

Many coaches and gurus are spruiking their ideas on how you can grow your agency.f

Some are good, others not so good, and some are just terrible.

How To Build Recurring Income

But there is one way to ensure you can systematically grow your business every month without finding new clients to sustain your business.

That way is to build a monthly recurring income that is:

1. Sticky

The client should stay with this new service for 2-4 years, not 2-4 months. If your recurring income is only 2-4 months, like most marketing retainers, then you are still in the feast and famine income cycle.

2. Low Touch

This new offer should not take a lot of work from you or your team each month. Why? Because the more many hours that go into it, the less profit you make from the offer.

The only way to build a recurring income that is sticky and low touch is to sell a Marketing System NOT a Marketing Service.

Sell A Marketing System, Not A Service

If you sell a marketing service, your profit margins will be around 10% of turnover.

But your profit margins will be around 50% of turnover when you sell a marketing system.

Why? Because your staff costs are significantly lower because your IP and processes get the results for your client, not your staff.

A Marketing Service

A marketing service takes manpower to get the results for your clients every month.

A Marketing System

A marketing system is a series of predefined processes executed each month without your team’s involvement but still gets great results for your clients.

GoHighLevel Is Your Marketing System Foundation

So how do you build a marketing system, not a service?

You need to build on top of a sales and marketing platform that does the work for you.

GoHighLevel is the #1 all-in-one sales and marketing platform for small businesses.

Even better is that you can pay a small monthly fee and then resell it to your clients for 98% profit.

The rest of this article will explain each feature of GoHighLevel and how you can use each of these features to build a Marketing System that you can sell for $299 – $699/mth with little ongoing work to clients who stick around for 2-4 year.

Want to find out how GoHIghLevel can provide you with a scalable Marketing System?

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