Stay Top Of Mind With Prospects Using Remarketing Ads

Every business has a database of clients and prospects.

Some have an extensive database, and some have a small database.

Most businesses neglect this database, don’t contact its leads, and lose business to their competitors.

Within every business, databases are future clients.

But if you don’t nurture these leads, they will buy from someone else when they are ready.

So how do you ensure that your database leads buy from you?

There are six ways:

  1. Email your database weekly
  2. Ask them to join your Facebook group and keep them updated
  3. Ask them to join your social media accounts and update them regularly
  4. Facebook ads retargeting

This last one, Facebook Ads retargeting, is exceptionally powerful.

Once you get a new lead, you can create a list of contacts on Facebook to whom you can show weekly ads.

These people can come from:

  1. Your database
  2. Your website visitors
  3. Anyone who has watched a video of yours preciously
  4. Anyone who has interacted with you on your Instagram and Facebook Page
  5. Anyone who has opened a Facebook Ads Lead Form

You can pay a few dollars daily and show an ad to this audience.

This is a great way to stay top of mind with your prospect.

If you aren’t doing Facebook Ads Retargeting, you are wasting a powerful opportunity to turn your prospects into clients.

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