Stop Wasting Your Money on Letterbox Drops

Real estate agents love letterbox drops. They are a staple in real estate marketing. In today’s video I explain why Facebook Ads are a better marketing strategy than letterbox drops.

There are four main reasons.

Facebook Ads Are More Reliable

Facebook Ads are just so much more reliable than letterbox drops. There are many factors out of your control that determine if a letterbox drop is successful.

  1. The Weather – If it rains when your pamphlets are delivered fewer people will receive your pamphlets because some will get wet and destroyed in the rain. Unfortunately, you have no control over this.
  2. The Deliverability – I have done many letterbox drops in my time, and it is well known that some contractors have dumped the pamphlets and not even deliver them
  3. The Demand – If you are delivering your pamphlets during a busy week your message will be diluted amongst the many other pamphlets being dropped at the same time

Facebook Ads don’t have any of these outside factors. Facebook is a very reliable platform, and your ads are delivered electronically with no room for human error.

Facebook Ads Are More Measurable

One of the problems with not knowing exactly how the pamphlets are delivered is you never really know why a campaign was successful or not. It could be unsuccessful because of one of the factors above, but because there is no way of knowing you cannot measure and make changes to your campaign based on the data.

Facebook’s measurement tools are second to none, and they provide you all the data to know exactly why a campaign is doing well and why it is not. A good Facebook marketer will use this data to improve each campaign on a weekly basis.

Facebook Ads Are Scalable

Facebook is much more scalable than letterbox drops because they don’t cost as much, they are measurable, and you can tweak the campaigns to improve your results.

One of the benefits of Facebook is the reliability of the results once you build an optimized campaign. You can turn campaigns on and off at your convenience and almost predict the results you will receive.

Facebook Cares About Your Success

The more successful you are using Facebook Ads, the more of you marketing budget you will invest into the platform. Facebook knows this and has spent many years improving the platform to ensure that its advertisers are successful.

Your success is their success, and they have 1000s of people working on the platform to make sure you keep spending your money with them because you are getting high quality leads.

There is no other marketing platform I know that works as hard as Facebook to maintain their advertiser’s success. I know letterbox drop industry aren’t as invested in their client’s success. They are happy to take your money and drop the pamphlets rain hail or shine to get it done and move onto the next campaign.


If you haven’t tried running Facebook Ads, then you need to start today. Take some of your budget from your letterbox drop campaigns and test Facebook Ads. I know you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

To get started you can book in a strategy call with me where I will discuss your goals for leads and sales and show you how Facebook Ads can help you achieve those goals.

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