The Buyer’s Journey And Facebook Ads

The Buyer’s Journey is a framework used by content marketers to draw prospects from realising they have a problem with finding a solution.

It helps marketers build the right content for prospects to move them along the path to purchase a product or service.

In this video, I explain how the Buyer’s Journey relates to Facebook Ad Campaigns.

The Buyers Journey

There are three stages of the buyer’s journey:


The Awareness Stage is the first stage a customer navigates. It is when they discover they have a problem and become aware that there is a pressing need.

When running a Facebook Ads campaign you want to create ads for the Awareness stage which highlight a pain point a prospect may be having. When they see this ad on Facebook, they should be able to identify with this pain point. Identifying with the pain point will cause them to click on the add.

Because they clicked the ad, you now know they are interested in your product or service.

Make sure that you make it easy for them to consume your content by making it a video or blog post they can consume without the need to provide their contact details.


To all the people who clicked on the Awareness Stage ad, you should show a second ad which falls into the Consideration Stage.

The Consideration Stage is when people who now realise they have a problem start searching for a solution. They actively try to find a way to stop the pain. They may go to Google, ask a friend or call a business for help.

On Facebook, you should create ads that lead a prospect to content that educates them on potential solutions to their pain. This content could be in the form of videos, ebooks, blog posts, webinars or infographics.

You can also require the prospect to provide their contact details so you can follow up if you make the content valuable.


Once the buyers feel adequately educated, they will move to the Decision Stage, where they will start asking buying questions. Questions like:

  1. How much does the solution cost?
  2. How many colours does it come it?
  3. When can I receive it?
  4. What features does it have compared to other products?

On Facebook, you want to show these prospects content which answers these questions as well as sales pages or opportunities to book an appointment.

When in the Decision Stage your prospect is ready to buy so your Facebook Ads must give them an opportunity to make the purchase.

Create A Funnel On Facebook

The final step is to tie these three types of ads together into a sales funnel on Facebook. You want to create a flow where people who don’t know your business are ssee the Awareness Facebook ads. Then everyone who clicks on the ad is shown the ad for the Consideration stage, and finally, only the people who opt-in or respond to the Consideration ads are given the Decision stage ads.

By following this progression, you will draw a Facebook user along your sales funnel and convert them into a client.


As you can see, there is a bit of strategy that goes into creating a sales funnel on Facebook, but for businesses who complete this process, they can create a predictable flow of new leads and clients into their business.

Let me know in the comments below if you are using the Buyer’s Journey when running your Facebook Ads campaigns.

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