The Power Of Weekly Webinars

Webinars are so popular nowadays because they’re so effective at lead generation and converting prospects into clients.

Many businesses have given them a try and may even hold a webinar every few months. But they are missing out because the true benefit of webinars come from holding them every week.

That is running the same webinar every week, month in and month out. Sounds monotonous? Not if you have new prospects attending these webinars every month and you are winning new clients from them. And that is the mindset you want to have around webinars.

The ideal is to create a process that attracts new prospects every week to your webinar. I have found Facebook Ads is the best way to secure new registrations for webinars each week.

So why are weekly webinars so useful? Below are the reasons I think you should be running weekly webinars.

1. Improve Your Presentation Skills

Your first webinar will be your worst webinar. With every webinar you present you will get better. It takes time and practice to refine your presentation skills. Nobody is born a natural webinar presenter. It’s a skill that is foreign to most people.

Learning how to talk enthusiastically to a computer monitor can take time to develop. But with every presentation, you will improve. The weekly webinar allows you to practice the same presentation every week, so you get better at presenting that one presentation.

2. Improve The Presentation Slides

At the end of each presentation, you should get feedback from colleagues, prospects and clients. These recommendations should be integrated into your presentation. Your goal is to improve the presentation with every webinar.

As the weeks go by your slides will become more developed, succinct and compelling to your prospects as you learn to address their specific pain points.

3. Build a list of common questions

At the end of each webinar, you should allow time for questions. This time is valuable for both you and your audience. The viewers get valuable time with an expert (you) to answer their most burning questions. You get the opportunity to learn what your prospects most burning questions are around your subject area and product.

These questions are the best type of market research you can do. You should document these questions and either add them to your presentation or raise them in the Q&A at the end of every webinar.

4. Your Close Improves

Every time you present a webinar you should be providing your prospects with valuable information that they need. If you do this well, they will be happy to hear you pitch you product or service at the end.

Why? Because people are happy to listen to a sales pitch by someone they respect and who has helped them with a problem. Your goal in your webinar to have your prospects feel this way about you.

The first time you pitch your product or service, you’ll probably do a poor job. You might fumble over your words, be too humble, brush over your pitch, or not describe the benefit you provide to your clients adequately. Many things can go wrong.

By repeating the same webinar every week with the same pitch to a different audience, you give yourself the opportunity to perfect your pitch. You will improve each week if you are given feedback and you take that feedback on board.

After about ten live webinars you should be a lean mean selling machine 🙂

5. Build momentum

Building momentum in sales is necessary. Doing a one-off webinar does not build momentum. With every webinar, you will improve your Facebook ad campaign, improve your presentation, improve your sales pitch and improve your follow up after the webinar. All these components when optimised and working at a high level will create the momentum you need to win new clients on a weekly basis.

6. Building a repeatable process

The nirvana of marketers and sales people is to create a repeatable sales process. One that cost-effectively delivers new leads and sales every week.

Weekly webinars are your best shot at a repeatable sales process. Facebook Ads is the platform to deliver new leads every week. Webinars are the conversion tool convert those prospects into paying clients.

When you combine the two, you have the perfect mix of lead generation and lead conversion. Now it is up to you to master both and make that sales machine work.

7. One Hour per week

What I love most about the weekly webinars is once you have done them for a few weeks, they become very easy. It can take as little as one hour per week to promote and present your webinar.

Once the Facebook ads campaign is setup all you need to do it turn it on every week. Then you present the webinar. It’s not a lot of work to complete every week to generate leads and move them along your sales funnel.


If you aren’t holding weekly webinars for your new prospects, then I recommend you start. It is one of the best ways I have found to generate new leads on a weekly basis and convert them into sales.

Let me know in the comments below if you hold webinars every week and what results you are achieving.

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