How I Tripled My Marketing Results using a VA and the Logical Growth Method

There are two components required to win the marketing game.

  1. The right strategy
  2. The right people to execute it

As a business owner, your time is best spent on strategy. In contrast, you need to get others to the technical tasks like updating the funnels, editing the videos, and sending emails.

You might be saying, but I can’t afford to employ a full-time marketing manager, or I don’t want to work with an agency.

The good news is to you don’t have to because there is a better way.

This new way is guaranteed to get a better ROI than both of the above options. Furthermore, if implemented correctly will exponentially grow your business.

I have built a marketing engine in my business using the Logical Growth Method as the strategy and a VA to execute that strategy.

This two-punch knockout has enabled me to win my business’s marketing and sales fight.

In this webinar, I will show you the Logical Growth Strategy and the process I use to find, onboard, train, and manage VA’s to execute this strategy.

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