The Ultimate Video Marketing Strategy For Business

Most marketing agencies are too busy working for clients to create content for their business.

It can bar hard to focus on long-term marketing strategies like content creation when there is an immediate need to deliver projects.

But the lost opportunity of not creating content means that there are thousands of dollars of lost income that you will never realize.

Content creation is one of the best ROI activities for a business, but most will never realize it.

Creating content is important not just for lead generation but also for convincing prospects in your sales process that you are an authority, can be trusted, and are the right company to move forward with.

In this video, I explain how I have generated many sales this year from the video content I have created this year.

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We’ve all heard of video marketing. We all know that we should be doing some, sort of video. But today I want to talk to you about the ultimate video marketing strategy for your business. Now, When you can record a video and chuck it on YouTube or chuck it on Facebook or Instagram or Tiktok. Do some random tasks.

I’m going to talk to you tonight about bringing a holistic marketing strategy together that is genuinely the ultimate strategy for your business. And if you do it, it will grow your business and scale your business. And that is the topic of today’s video. And that is what we’re going to cover right now.

All right. So the ultimate video marketing strategy. Well, it has to be a strategy that is achievable. It has to be something that you, as a business owner can actually accomplish. Now in an ideal world, you will record a video. So if we go down to the iPad over here, you’ll record one video. And then that video will be transformed into a whole different bunch of campaigns, okay.

I’m going to show you what those campaigns could be for you. But the key to this is that you can’t do all this work, right? You can, but it’s probably a four to eight hour task to get everything up and running. So you need to either outsource it or get an internal employee to do it for you. But let’s not get bogged down in that.

Let’s get bogged down today in the benefit of doing this. And then you can figure out how you’re going to do it later, okay. But for you, all you should have to do, is record one video, okay. So one video. And you should do that weekly, right? All you do is a video and I’m recording my video right now. It’s a 10 minute video and this is how the process works.

So I record one video. Then, the outcome you’re looking for is, the first outcome is you want to really dominate search, right? And the way you dominate search is by uploading the video to Youtube and then embedding it into your blog, which is great for SEO, right. So you get a video, you upload it to YouTube. Second biggest search engine on the planet.

You’re going to embed that video into your blog posts. That is the number one search engine on the planet, Google, right? Now you’re dominating those two areas. I did a video a couple of days ago about the benefits of a video on YouTube and how Google displays that at the top of the search results.

So watch that video if you want to know more about that. The second thing you want to do is you want to become omnipresent, okay. Omnipresent. I think I spelled that wrong. So this is where you just appear everywhere for your prospects and the people in your funnel, where you’re just everywhere. The way you become omnipresent is putting that video on Facebook and creating a Facebook retargeting campaign.

And you do that every single week. So you now have a blog. The video, it’s now a YouTube video. And finally it’s a retargeting campaign, right on Facebook. So for that week, That video is shown to all the people on your email list who liked your page, who visited your website, who’s interacted with videos and watched videos in the past.

An those people are constantly seeing the new video. The next week, they’ll see a different video. The next thing is you really want to do, is nurture prospects and the way you can nurture prospects is through email marketing, okay. And so that video is now taken and you email that to your list that week. So every week you’re sending a new email to the list.

The email is the actual video that people can click on and watch and you do a short description that motivates them to watch the video. So that every week your prospects are being nurtured, your clients are being nurtured. These are the outcomes you’re looking for, right? You want to dominate search. You want to be omnipresent and you want to nurture prospects. The next thing you want to do is you want to build authority.

And a great way of doing that is to through a podcast. So what you do is you take the audio from here and you upload that to Spotify, to Apple podcasts. There’s a whole bunch of different platforms. Up to 30 platforms you can push your podcast out to. But all of these is this video when you strip out the audio. We put an intro and outro in. The outro is call to action.

All of a sudden you have a podcast. Now why do you have a podcast? You have a podcast? Because, it’s not really to get new listeners. It’s to get people who are in your funnel, who are your prospects to download a podcast or subscribe to it and while they’re mowing the lawn, while they’re working out to binge listen to all your podcast episodes. At the end of that hour, they’re going to see you as an authority.

So every week, adding a new episode to that podcast. The next thing is, you really want to sell on social. You know, I don’t love social media. Like personally, I don’t use social media for my personal life. If you look at my personal profiles, I pretty much done posts but for business, it is amazing. I’m all over it.

But using social media, although I don’t use it personally, professionally, I sell on social media. I actually make a lot of money out of social media. And so I would say you post to all the social media sites. The way we do it, we create up to 34 assets from one video that we post to all of the sites.

It’s really part of becoming omnipresent, where you’re kind of everywhere, okay. And the last thing you want to do is you want to generate leads.

The way you do that is through a lead magnet, okay. And, this is the way it works. If you have a lead magnet and you want people to download it, if you just show it to a cold audience, at times it can be a high cost per lead. So what you want to do first is you want to show an audience your retargeting video. And anyone that watches 25% or more of the video here.

Then you show them the lead magnet and you should be able to bring the cost per conversion down on the quality of the lead should go up. This here, what I’m showing you, what you’re looking at right here is a little bit of a mess, I know. But the reality is, it is the ultimate video marketing strategy for small business.

It is what you do to be a good steward of that content you create. That one piece of content you create. You can see how many assets are being created out of it and how you’re pushing it through the internet and you’re really learning how to dominate. You’re going to dominate search. You’re going to become omnipresent to your prospects.

You’re going to nurture those prospects with this video. You’re going to build authority. You’re going to sell on social and you’re going to help generate more leads with those lead magnets that are showing to now warm prospects. And that is the ultimate video marketing strategy and that’s what I’ve been doing and I do for my clients.

I can tell you, it is a wonderful thing when people binge-watch your videos on YouTube or binge-listen to your podcast or receive a weekly email and eventually call you and say thank you for those emails that have been so helpful. When you’re all over Facebook and people realized that he’s just everywhere.

He’s just everywhere and the authority starts to build and the familiarity starts to build with your prospects. And so I want to encourage you, do it. Now, I know there’s a question, a lot of you have, how do I do this? Right? That seems like a lot of work. And to be honest, it is a lot of work, but it shouldn’t be a lot of work for you.

Remember you’re a business owner. You should delegate this work out. So where you should spend your time is here. You record one video, but everything else should be done by someone else. Now you can either hire a VA and teach them to do all of this. You can either do it yourself, which I think is crazy. Or you can hire someone like my company called Video Marketing Machine.

And we do this. Like, we actually, take on clients and they record one video a week and then we push all this content out for them. Every week we review and then we release another video. And over a year they have 52 videos that are literally out there working for them every single day. If that’s something you’re interested in. Around this video, click a button.

You can book an appointment with me. I’d love to chat with you about it. Or you can join my Facebook group. And again, click around the video, you’ll see the Facebook link and join that group. I do lots of trainings like this, teaching this kind of stuff. So if you’re a do it yourself, join the group. If you’re the kind of person that says do it for me, then book a call and I’d love to chat with you.

All right. Have a great day. Speak to soon. Bye.

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