Why video is your best marketing investment

Are you recording videos for your business? If not, then you are missing out on the best investment you can make into your business. Video is the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, and in this post, I am going to show you why.

We all know that video is pretty powerful. Around 82% of traffic on the internet today is video, and there are many stats that prove why you should be doing video. But what I want to tell you today is that video is actually a really good investment for your business.

Most other marketing campaigns, like Google ads, Facebook ads, or cold emails, have a limited lifespan. Once you stop doing them, the value stops, and the return on investment stops. But it’s different with video. Once you record it, it lasts a lifetime. If you upload that video to YouTube, it will be there for 20 or 30 years hosted by YouTube. That’s not the only power of video, though.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the planet today. If you put a video in there and give it the right title, people will find that video based on searching. If they search for the right video and your video comes up, they will potentially binge-watch your video with other videos and then potentially book an appointment on your calendar. It’s very, very powerful.

But you can also take that video and convert it into a blog post. Now you have a blog post for your website, which gets indexed into the number one search engine on the planet, Google. So now you have two assets that last a lifetime. As long as your website is up, that blog post will be there.

You can take that video and convert it into an email and send that email to your list or your database. But instead of just sending it for that week, what you can do is also put it into an automated sequence of emails and send it every six months. Now you have this asset that’s getting sent to your database every six months. If you do 10 or 20 of these videos, you could have six months worth of videos or emails that you can send to your database. Once that six-month period is up, you can just repeat the process.

The last reason why video is such a good investment is that you can take that video, upload it to Facebook, and then pay to run a retargeting ad to a whole bunch of people. You can upload a list of all your database into Facebook and show that video again and again to that email list. You can then also show it to anyone who visits your website for the last 30 days or six months and to anyone who likes your page and anyone who’s watched a previous video of yours on Facebook or Instagram. That is a retargeting campaign that you can run every week or every six months. If you line up 26 of these videos every week, then you can repeat those videos every six months, and then you have a retargeting campaign that is continually showing new content to people who are in your world, who visited your website, who are in your email list, and stay top of mind consistently.

Video is the best investment you can make into your business. It lasts a lifetime, can be repurposed into different forms of content, and can be used in various marketing campaigns. So if you’re not already using video in your business, it’s time to start.

Now, I have just described five marketing campaigns that you could be running every week for video. I call that the video marketing machine. I do it for my business, and I also do it for many of my clients’ businesses.

If you want to have this happen in your business, I want to encourage you to book a call in my calendar where we can investigate if the Video marketing Machine can grow your client base.


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