4 Reasons To Build A Facebook Ads Funnel

So many people start running Facebook Ads by creating a one ad campaign. When results start to fade, they set up another one ad campaign and try again.

They move from campaign to campaign sometimes getting great results and other times abysmal results.

In this video I explain a better way, to build out a Facebook Ads Funnel. A funnel is a series of Facebook ads which leads a user down a specified path or buyer’s journey. This predefined path should take a prospect you find on Facebook from cold to prospect to new client.

There are many benefits to creating a Facebook Ads Funnel and below are the four most important.

Facebook Ads Funnels Create Consistency

Many markers find maintaining consistent success on Facebook very difficult. Every time they move from one campaign to another they are not sure if the results will be the same.

This up and down success can create a feast and famine situation for many marketers.

Building out a Facebook Ads Funnel consisting of a series of ads that move a prospect through the sales process will provide this consistency. The funnels see more lasting success than a one-off campaign because they have a clear purpose and process to convert a cold prospect into a client.

Facebook Ads Funnels Are Repeatable

What makes Facebook Ads Funnels so powerful is they are repeatable. You can turn them off when you have too many leads and on again when you need more. Of course, you can do this with a one-off campaign too, but because a funnel takes the prospect through your predefined sales process, the results are usually much better.

Facebook Ads Funnels Are Scalable

Once you know how much money you need to put into your funnel to win a new client, you can double, triple or quadruple your spend to receive double, triple or quadruple new customers.

Yes, funnels are that predictable, and they and can give you certainty around how many leads and sales you can make on a weekly basis.

Facebook Ads Funnels Are Measurable

Everything in Facebook is measurable. Whether you measure cost per click, cost per conversion or cost per interaction, Facebook gives you the analytics to measure it all.

If there is a part of your funnel not performing, you can laser in on the metrics in that part of the funnel, do some tests, make some changes and increase the results. This will ensure your funnel always stays optimised and gives you the best return on investment.


If you haven’t created a Facebook funnel yet, then get started today. Funnels are the secret all the successful Facebook marketers are using, and if you want similar success, you need to use them as part of your Facebook Ads campaigns.

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