What Is Your Facebook Ads Follow Up Process?

Do you follow up the leads you generate using Facebook Ads? Facebook is a great lead generating platform, but it is just part of a bigger lead generation strategy.

Once you attract a new lead using Facebook Ads, you need to start your follow-up process. One strategy is to follow up your leads on Facebook through retargeting. Retargeting is when you show a prospect ads based on previous ads they have clicked on or specific pages on your website they have visited.

But mixed in with your Facebook promotion also needs to be real world interactions. There is a lot of information around today that confirms it can take 7-9 interactions with your business before a prospect makes a buying decision. Your Facebook ads campaigns may make up 2-3 touch points, but you also need to include other contact points.

How you reach out to your prospects will vary depending on your business type. Some ways you can interact with them are:

  1. Email
  2. SMS
  3. Phone Call
  4. Reaching out on other social media platforms like LinkedIn

When you come in contact with a prospect, they could be anywhere on the buyer’s journey. Once you confirm where they are you should then use the contact methods appropriate to move them along the buyer’s journey until they are ready to buy.

Many businesses see Facebook as an all-inclusive platform. They think that they can find a prospect and convert them into a client without any other interactions. This is partially true. Yes, you can build a sales funnel on Facebook to do this, but you also need other touch points to complete the sale.

The businesses making the most money from Facebook all have integrated marketing automation, phone calls or SMS into their Facebook Ads campaigns.

A great sales process with scheduled follow-up can receive fewer leads but make more sales than a weak sales process with no follow-up and three times the leads

So next time you plan out a Facebook Ads campaign, make sure you make it a holistic campaign that truly takes a cold prospect from Facebook into a new customer. To do this, you need to go beyond Facebook. You need to have a well-defined, repeatable sales process which is executed consistently for every new prospect.

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