The Facebook Pixel Gives You Super Powers

The Facebook Pixel gives your Facebook Ads campaigns superpowers. Yes, it is that good.

But so many businesses are running their campaigns without the Pixel installed. It’s like not wearing the Batman suit when you’re Bruce Wayne. You have so much wasted potential.

Let me explain.

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code you have your web developer install on every page of your website.

Once installed Facebook can track all visitors to your website and link them to their Facebook profile. So every time a Facebook user lands on your website Facebook tracks:

  1. What page they visited
  2. When they visited the page

Facebook tracks them whether they’re on their mobile phone or desktop computer and stores them into an invisible list (meaning you can’t see who is in that list) for you to use later.

The power of the Facebook Pixel comes in your ability to show specific ads to people who have taken specific actions on your website. Here are a few use cases and examples:

Here are a few use cases and examples of how you can use the Facebook Pixel.

Downloaded An Ebook

You can show ads to people who have downloaded an ebook. Facebook knows who these people are because they would have landed on the thank you page if they successfully signed up.

Didn’t Checkout Your Product

You can show coupon code for a discount to anyone who tried to check out a product in your shopping cart but didn’t end up purchasing.

Visited Your Pricing Page

Anyone who visits your pricing page is very interested in your product. The Pixel gives you the ability to show an ad to any person who viewed your pricing page.

Didn’t Sign Up For a Webinar

Finally, you can show an ad to anyone who landed on your webinar signup page but didn’t sign up. You know this because they went to the webinar page, but didn’t visit the thank you page.

From Batman to Superman

We all know that Superman can beat Batman in a fight. Right? So how do you take your Facebook Ads super powers, from a Batman level to a Superman level?

You build a Facebook Ads funnel using the Facebook Pixel.

Creating a Facebook Ads Funnel allows you to show a prospect a series of predefined Facebook Ads that moves a user from cold prospect to new client.

The Facebook Pixel gives you the power to track what pages on your website they are clicking on and when they are visiting those pages. You can use this information to start and stop showing the ads in the funnel to these users.

You can find out more about building a funnel on Facebook by watching my video titled The Buyer’s Journey and Facebook Ads.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any other superhero-inspired use cases for the Facebook Pixel.

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