How To Grow Your Business With TIME And MONEY

You either have more time or money to spend on your marketing.

Whichever one it is you need to use it wisely as both can be easily wasted.

If you have more time, it can be squandered by your clients, staff, or activities that are not dollar-producing.

In this video, I explain how I utilize my time wisely which enables me to grow my marketing effectiveness each year.

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There are two ways you can grow your business. You can either grow it with time or you can grow it with money. Which one are you going to sacrifice to grow your business?

Business growth is something that takes sacrifice, It either take some money, a whole lot of money, or it’ll take some time, a whole lot of time.

Now some of you have lots of money, but no time and others have lots of time and no money. And I don’t think you are at a disadvantage if you’re lacking one or the other, what you do need to do is sacrifice. Let’s take the money option if you don’t have a lot of time, but you’ve got money. What you’re going to do is pay for leads.

You’ve just got to pay, you’ve got to run Google ads, you got to do Facebook ads. you’ve got to pay an SEO person. You’ve got to pay, okay. But you’ve got to pay the right people. The challenge for you is taking that money and investing it wisely into strategies that are actually going to get you results.

And that is difficult. There’s a lot of sharks out there. There’s a lot of people that are willing to take your money, but not give you great results. That’s if you have money if you don’t have money, but you’ve got lots of time, you need to sacrifice that time. You need to invest that time. Like you would invest money.

You need to be a good steward of your time and invest it wisely. There were a lot of people who have time, they invest it into marketing or sales and they invested in the wrong thing. And when you invest it in the wrong thing, it’s like throwing your money away. It’s like burning your money. You burning your time.

I would say time is more valuable than money. Money is finite, but time you can exponentially grow. If you invest it in the right thing. But the problem is where are you going to spend that time? I would say you need to find the best strategies for you right now, and you need to spend time executing those strategies and just like the person with the money,

yes, finding the right strategies to invest your time in is equally hard. There are gurus out there and people out there that will tell you that, Tiktok is the best way for you or Facebook ads or Google ads or posting on social media or content marketing or video, but really, is it the best strategy for you?

There are many things you can do, but you need to find the best strategy for you. Let’s assume you find the best strategy. The next issue you’re going to have when you’re trying to invest time into growing your business is the time you have will dissipate very easily, very quickly. You’ll say, look, I’m going to invest two hours a day, but when you start your day, You’re going to have the best intentions, and then all of a sudden you’re going to get an email.

And that email is going to ask you to do something. You’re going to run off and do that. And then when you’re halfway through that, you’ve got a phone call, and the client or someone is going to demand time from you to actually do something else. And before you know it, you may have started at eight in the morning.

It is now 11 o’clock and you haven’t even looked at your marketing strategy and this is how life works, and this is how business works. Have lunch and then go into the afternoon and you’ll start, and then you’ll get destructive with an employee. It doesn’t matter if you’re working by yourself or you just have a few clients, you will always get distracted.

How do you solve this problem? It is a major problem why so many people just can’t get ahead with marketing. They have the time they don’t have the cash. They have the time but the time seems to be wasted to seems to dissipate. Let me tell you the solution that I have been doing, and I’ve actually listened to a podcast this week with Gary V and he actually mentioned it as well.

And the way I do it is I set aside two hours in the day and I will either do it at the beginning of the day before I start. If I start, well, we’ll actually start early. I won’t say eight o’clock. I start much earlier than that, but I will start two hours earlier and I will focus on the work when there’s no one around. There’s no clients, there’s no employees, there’s no family.

It’s just me and my time, or I will do it at the end of the day when I finished. But typically for me, I have to finish my day, go and do some activities with the family or do exercise and then I’ll come back later and I’ll do it later at night. I’m not telling you to work really long hours if that’s not what you want to do, but for a period of time to get your campaigns up, you need to make sacrifices with your time.

Now, if you’re able to protect your time during the day, and turn your phone off and turn Skype off and turn your communication platforms like slack off then you can do it during the day. I’m just talking about people who find that difficult. And to be honest, I find that difficult. That’s why working extra time outside of those work hours has been the way that I’ve been able to launch so many of my campaigns.

Yeah. I run Facebook ads and I do these videos, which have been just amazing for me. I’ve got so many people who have found me on YouTube or found me on Google, watched my videos, and then booked an appointment. How do I do this? Well, a lot of the time I’m doing it outside of those work hours, because I’m way too distracted

when that start time hits. When my employees start. I am go, go, go. They are at me with issues that I have to resolve and I am working on that. We have systems and procedures. There’s so much that we do to minimize that. But when you have staff, you have to, work with them.

When you have projects, you have to make sure the projects are running. When you have clients, you have to make sure that the clients are happy. That’s my thought. You either have time or money. If you’ve got money, you have to invest your money wisely. If you have time you to invest your time wisely. And if you’re struggling to invest that time during the day, what you want to do is invest it outside of those work hours.

And that’s when you can get lots of work done. That’s my thought for the day. If you need help, join my Facebook group, you can click the button around here and it will help you. With trainings like this and it will help you where you can ask questions and a lot of times when a question is asked, I’ll make a video like this to answer it.

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