How Not To Waste Your Money Trying Facebook Ads

Firstly, don’t just try out Facebook Ads. If you do you will surely spend money and see no return on investment. In other words, you will spend money and get nothing back. This is the experience of most people who “try” Facebook ads.

Facebook is the #1 platform for generating leads online cost effectively. Sadly most business owners will never realise the true potential and income that Facebook could provide their business.

Facebook is just a powerful tool. An extremely powerful tool, but still just a tool. What is more important that learning how to use Facebook Ads when starting a campaign is learning the strategy to use with the tool.

Unfortunately most people don’t realise that the strategy is more important than the tool, or that you even need a strategy at all. Like most internet marketing tactics the “gurus” are spruicking Facebook Ads as yet another get-rich-quick scheme. But it’s definitely not. It is the #1 way to generate leads and sales online presently, but it takes skill and there is no guarantee to success.

If you implement the correct strategy over the top of a Facebook Ad campaign then you will be able to generate new leads and sales from Facebook. Part of this strategy is:

  1. Knowing who you are going to target
  2. Having an understanding of their pain
  3. Creating an offer to solve that pain
  4. Creating a sales funnel which takes a cold prospect to a client using the Facebook Ad platform

So don’t just try Facebook Ads. Support it with a killer strategy that has been proven to generate leads or sales.

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