How To Promote Your Live Events Using Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are the best platform to sell tickets for live events. Whether it’s a paid business event or a live gig for a band, Facebook Ads is your best opportunity to ensure you sell as many tickets as possible.

The platform is perfect for live event ticket sales because marketers can find people who are most likely interested in the event through Facebooks interest targeting. Next, marketers can create a desire to attend the event by showing the users content and finally show Facebook ads that directly sell the tickets.

The best approach is to create a sales funnel on Facebook when selling events. The funnel should be in three stages and last for three months. Below is the structure that has been very successful for me.

Month 1: Create Interest

The first month is all about finding the people on Facebook who are interested in your event. You should use the interest targeting to show ads to people who may be candidates to attend your events.

The Facebook Ads you build should be written in such a way that only people who are interested in the topic of your event will click. Once they click on the ad, they should land on a blog post or video which will educate them on the subject.

Month one is all about identification. Identifying people who could attend your event.

Month 2: Build Desire

Month two is all about building the excitement for the event in the people who click on your ads in month one. You might show them Facebook Ads that offer an ebook, video or webinar. In exchange for these offers, you should ask for the email address.

The content you give them should build not only their interest but also introduce the event.

Also once you have their email address, you can send them emails about the event.

Month 3: Sell Tickets

Finally, month three is all about showing ads that sell tickets to the event. By now you have identified people who are interested in the event and you have nurtured the desire in them to attend the event. Now is the time to show them ads that sell the event by flooding your prospects news feed with Facebook Ads about the event.

At the same time, you should be sending them emails with offers for the event too.


I have used this strategy very effectively to sell out many events over the past two years. This three-month campaign is the best way to fill your events if you execute it well. Let me know in the comments below if you have used Facebook Ads to fill your live events. Also, let me know how successful your strategy has been.

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