The Video Marketing Machine

The Complete Marketing Strategy To Grow A Database Of Prospects That Show Up Pre-Sold and Pre-Qualified To your First Meeting.

What Is The Video Marketing Machine?

The Video Marketing Machine is a marketing framework that prequalifies and presells your prospects before you have your first conversation. As a result, prospects come to your first meeting convinced your business can help them solve their problem. This drastically increases your conversion rate and profitability.

There are three stages to the Video Marketing Machine:

  1. Grow Your Databases with your perfect prospects
  2. Nurture those cold prospects into hot prospects who are ready to buy what you have to sell
  3. Convert those prospects into clients

Following is a detailed explanation of how The Video Marketing Machine works.

How to Convince A Prospect To Work With Your Before Your First Appointment

Would it make a massive difference to your conversion rate if every initial meeting is with someone who has already decided to work with you?

The Video Marketing Machine uses educational content delivered to the client weekly to show your value to the prospect.

Educational content is powerful because you aren’t trying to sell your services. Instead, you are trying to help, and prospects don’t see you as trying to get their money but trying to help them solve their problems.

After seeing your content week in, week out, your prospects realize that your business can solve their problems, and when the time is right for them, they will book a meeting.

Are You Spending Money Buiding A Marketing Asset or a Liability?

Most marketing strategies are a drain on a business. They do not produce a legitimate asset to be used to grow your business.

For example, most paid advertising campaigns are great while working, but when you stop paying, the leads stop. So the benefit of your investment ends when the campaign is complete.

A better way to market is to create a long-lasting marketing asset from your marketing activity.

For example, through your marketing effort, you could create:

  1. A database of prospects that are aware of your business and understand that you are the go-to business when they need help
  2. A Facebook Group with a loyal community
  3. Blog posts optimized for SEO that provides traffic every month
  4. YouTube videos that are found in the world’s second-biggest search engine that, over time, deliver more and more leads
  5. You create Facebook Ad remarketing audiences from your website visitors, email list, and users that have watched 50% of your Facebook videos that know, like, and trust your business.

The above assets are a by-product when you implement The Video Machine framework. Therefore, your investment into the framework will deliver an ROI over the years that builds as your authority and influence build.

Watch a video on how to build a marketing asset.

How to Double Your Business With The Leads In Your Database

It costs 4x more to find and convert a new lead than to sell to an existing lead.

One of the best ways to grow fast is to focus your marketing efforts on your database of prospects and clients. Unfortunately, most businesses spend time building this database and then proceed to ignore them. As a result, they don’t communicate with them regularly, and the list is dead.

Most people feel that emailing your house list is not good as people will get sick of the emails, get frustrated and unsubscribe.

The opposite is true. The more you email your list, the more money you will make.

You need to communicate with your database more often to win more clients.

When you email your database regularly, you show your prospects learn several important factors about your business:

  1. You show your prospects and client you’re the leading expert in your industry
  2. You establish trust and credibility
  3. You prove that your longevity (which establishes more trust)
  4. You stay top of mind, so when they are ready to buy, you are their #1 choice
  5. You’re able to send them content that overcomes their objections and shows the benefits of working with you

Again, the more you email your database, the more money you make.

How To Build a Community of Prospects Who Know, Like, and Trust You

You don’t have to sell when you have a prospect who already knows, likes, and trusts you. You just have to turn up and ensure they have a problem you can solve and then make sure they understand how you can do that.

Your role goes from being a salesperson to being a doctor who is there to diagnose a problem and then prescribe a solution.

Doctors don’t have to sell. We all already know they have the skill and trust the solution. It becomes easier to win clients when you start behaving like a doctor.

The Video Marketing Machine educates a client on your value before your first meeting. Hence, you have the authority of a doctor when you first meet.

How To Get Hot Prospects to Book Appointments In Your Calendar For Free

Most marketing is delivered from a very self-centered viewpoint. It is focused on getting a prospect to do what you want them to do.

But you can’t make a prospect do what you want. They are intelligent beings with pressures, relationships, financial issues, and families that dictate what they do and how they act. Your marketing isn’t powerful enough to counter those forces.

You can educate your prospects and stay top of mind until they are ready to work with you.

Many businesses using The Video Marketing Machine tell of how prospects receive their emails, videos, and messages for 3-6 months before booking an appointment. Then, when they speak to the lead for the first time, they say, “Thank you for the content you have sent over the last three months. I love it. But now I have my finances in place and am ready to take the next step.

This is the power of The Video Marketing Machine. First, you stay with the prospect until they’re ready. Then you keep helping, educating, and in contact until they’re ready. Then, when they’re ready, your business is the only one with the credibility and trust built.

Top 3 Marketing Goals For Success

Marketing can be confusing, time-consuming, and brutal if your effort doesn’t deliver an ROI.

A tried and tested formula has always worked and will continue to work. The strategy does not change as marketing tactics change. You just need to apply the new tactics to this formula.

The three phases of this formula are:

Phase 1: Grow Your Database with Prospects

The #1 focus of all your marketing efforts is to grow your database with high-quality prospects. It is not to convert strangers into clients. This is just not realistic in a world where consumers see over 10,000 marketing messages a day.

The best strategy is to capture a prospect’s contact details so you can move to the next phase.

Phase 2: Nurture Your Database of Prospects

Once you capture the contact details of a prospect, you want to introduce them to your world and convince them that you are the go-to business to help solve their challenges.

You can’t force this phase in a few hours or days for most prospects. But, for many, it can take weeks or months.

You do this by consistently sending them educational content through email, ads, SMS, and phone calls over a long period.

Phase 3: Convert Your Database into Clients

Finally, once you have taken a cold prospect and warmed them through Phase 2, so they are now a hot prospect ready to buy your product or service, you can convert them into a client.

The rest of this article explains how The Video Marketing Machine gets outstanding results for businesses by applying modern-day marketing tactics to this tried and tested marketing formula.

Stage 1: Grow Your Database With Prospects

Build Your Database

Building your database must be the priority of every marketing strategy.

Once you have a database, you have a community of prospects you can nurture to become a client.

Most businesses get lead generation wrong. Their goal is to generate leads to convert into a client immediately.

But only 3% of your marketing who could be a client are ready to become a client today.

So if you only focus on the 3%, your lead generation will become very expensive.

But what if you focused on the other 97% as well. These people are your perfect prospects and will become a client in the next 1, 3, 6, 12, or 24 months.

If you focus on generating leads from the 97%, it will cost you much less per lead, and your database will grow much faster.

The key is to ensure you nurture these prospects, which is Stage 2.

But how do you capture the contact details of your perfect prospects cheaply?

Through an Irresistible Offer.

Create An Irresistible Offer

An Irresistible Offer is an offer your perfect prospect can’t refuse.

It has to be so good that they are willing to stop what they are doing and submit their contact details to receive.

Other names for Irresistible Offers are lead magnets, ebooks, etc.

Many businesses create lead magnets that fail because they create something that they think is important.

What you need to do is create something that the prospects find essential.

There are two basic principles you must adhere to to create a lead magnet that is irresistible to your prospects.

Solve A Simple Problem in 5 minutes

Instead of giving a prospect a lead magnet that takes effort to read and consume, you need to provide them with something that solves a simple problem in 2-5 minutes.

It should be a quick read and not take much energy on their part.

Creat examples of lead magnets with high conversion rates are:

  1. Cheat sheets
  2. Blueprints
  3. Best Of Lists
  4. Templates

These lead magnets have the following in common:

  1. They are quick to consume
  2. Using a simple image, the prospect can see what they are going to get
  3. They are of high value to a prospect because they are a tool that can be used to get a result, not just something they read

Give Them What They Want, Not What They Need

Most lead magnets are created to help prospects get a result. But sometimes, what the client needs to get a result is not what they think they need.

Often what they think they need is very different from what they need. This is because they are ignorant and don’t know better.

The problem arises when you know better and try to create a lead magnet that gives them what they need instead of what they want.

Because they don’t know what you are offering is the real solution, they won’t desire it and won’t download it.

So your lead magnet will not be attractive to a prospect, and they won’t download it.

Don’t make this mistake. Instead, only create lead magnets that you know your prospect wants. Then when you have them in your database, you can start educating them on what they need.

This tactic is how you can exponentially increase the size of your database cheaply.

Buy Cheap Leads

Once you have your lead magnet, you need to get it in front of your perfect prospects as cheaply and quickly as possible.

You can’t afford to wait for your prospects to find it. This won’t happen. You need to be proactive and fill your database without spending too much.

Facebook Ads

The best and cheapest way to fill your database with perfect prospects is through Facebook Ads.

For most businesses running Facebook ads to your lead magnet will enable you to buy leads for $2-$10 per lead.

There are other ways to grow your database cheaply which include:

Google Ads

Sending traffic from a Google Ads campaign to your Lead Magnet is a great way to get more leads.

The only issue is for many mainstream businesses, the cost to do this is prohibitively expensive.

Google Ads will generate leads quickly but cost much more than Facebook Ads.

LinkedIn Ads

The power of LinkedIn Ads is you can target prospects based on their industry and job titles. The problem with LinkedIn Ads is it is expensive.

But for some businesses with high-priced services, the high cost per lead is acceptable, so if you fall into this category, I suggest using LinkedIn Ads.

Facebook Groups

If you are a social person, leveraging other people’s Facebook Groups is a great way to find your prospects.

Because most Facebook Groups are focused on a particular topic, you will find that you can find large groups of your prospects in just a few groups.

The key here is to get known in the group as someone helpful, then approach the group owner to ask if you can post your lead magnet. Then, if you have proved beneficial, the group owner will often allow it.


Being a guest on someone else’s podcast is one of the best ways to grow your database.

Most podcast hosts will allow you to promote your business at the end of the interview, and the best thing to promote is your lead magnet.

Podcasts are powerful because your episode will be available many years after your interview. Every new podcast listener who goes back to listen to past episodes, as many do, will find your episode and learn about you. If they are impressed, they will download your lead magnet.

Strategic Partnerships

Building strategic partnerships are a compelling way of growing your database.

Once you find a partner with a database that has your prospects in it, you can work with them to ad value to their database via:

  1. Holding joint webinars
  2. Send their list of your lead magnet
  3. Being interviewed on their podcast
  4. Sending an email to their list with a video you have created

The list can go on and on.

But every time one of their lists signs up for your webinar, lead magnet, or other events, they become a member of your database.

Social Media posting

Social media posting is not a very productive way of generating new database leads.

I suggest using it if you have a following. Still, I don’t believe in generating many leads through organic social media posting.

Stage 2: Nurture Your Database Of Prospects

Once you have a prospect or client in your database, you then need to nurture them, so you become the #1 Authority in your industry in their life.

This is how you exponentially grow your business.

Unfortunately, most businesses don’t understand how robust this process is. But I am going to show you how to do it.

Build a Community – Facebook Group

A few years ago, Facebook aimed to get 1 billion people into a meaningful Facebook group.


Because there is a breakdown in society regarding community groups, people are becoming more isolated and not participating in community and social groups like they used to in the past.

Church attendance is down, and sports attendance is down, networking group activity is down.

With the growth of social media, people are becoming more isolated, and Facebook saw an opportunity to fill this gap with Facebook Groups.

As of February 2021, 1.8 billion people use Facebook groups every month.

Facebook has achieved its goal, and Facebook Groups have become where people now connect around a topic of interest, an activity, or political affiliation.

That is the power of Facebook groups, and businesses are using Facebook Groups to gather together their Perfect Prospects and build a thriving community.

The power of a Facebook group for business is:

  1. Facebook shows Facebook Group posts to members of a group at a significant;y higher rate than they do people who like a business page
  2. Facebook Groups have a very high interaction rate on posts
  3. Members of Facebook groups can become very loyal to following and interacting with groups they are members
  4. It is possible to build a thriving community of like-minded people around a Facebook Group
  5. It is easy to stay top of mind, nurture your prospects and get your content in front of them in your Facebook Group.

I recommend you start a Facebook Group around a topic your prospects are interested in and then ask every one of your databases to join your group regularly.

Then post all your content into your Facebook group and post content and questions that create community.

Facebook Groups are one of the most potent Nurture tools you have at your disposal today.

And best of all it is free. It just takes time.

Create Video Content

The foundation of all your Nurture content should be video.

Video is relatively easy to create, and you can repurpose video into many types of content for your database.

Once video can be transformed into:

  1. YouTube video
  2. Written blog post
  3. You can cut the video into 3-4 short clips for social media, including YouTube Shorts, Instagram stories, and Tik Tok videos.
  4. You can take 1-2 quotes from your videos and turn them into quote cards
  5. Send the video to your email list
  6. Create a Facebook Ads campaign with the video

Send Weekly Emails

Each piece of content you create should be emailed to your database. For example, I send two weekly emails with the best two videos I make that week.

Each educational video you send should always have a call to action to the next step in the sales process.

You should also email your database invitations to webinars and sales offers.

Regular emails are the best way to Nurture your prospects.

Your database is a gold mine. But you need to email your weekly database if you want to mine it for the gold within.

Retarget using Paid Ads

Retargeting using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Ads is a powerful way to Nurture your database.

Using these platforms, you are to show ads to:

  1. Members of your database
  2. Your website visitors
  3. People who like your social media accounts
  4. People who watch say 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of your social media videos

It is very inexpensive because you only show ads to a small number of people.

But the power of retargeting ads is that you can guarantee that your prospects on these platforms will see your content.

Send SMSs

Sending SMS is one of the most potent Nurture tools because the open rates are over 90%.

Why? Because people are trained to open their SMSs, most businesses don’t use SMS marketing.

The key is to limit how many SMSs you send. You don’t want to become a menace as your prospects will get annoyed and unsubscribe.

I use SMS marketing to remind prospects to attend webinars or live events. Once every 4-6 weeks, I will send an SMS out for an offer, webinar, or something important.

Hold Webinars

Webinars are another powerful tool to help Nurture a prospect from cold to hot.

Suppose you can get a prosepct in your database or retargeting audience to spend 1 hour with you on a webinar. In that case, I can guarantee you that you will become the #1 expert in your industry in their life.

I have seen it time and time again. When I run a webinar over the next few weeks or months, many of those attendees will become clients.

There is just so much power in having a prospect hear you speak, ask you questions, and interact with you live.

I suggest when your database gets big enough, you start holding monthly webinars.

Stay Top of Mind With Social Media

You must do an organic social media post as it shows prospects that you are around when they come to your pages but don’t expect too many leads to come from this activity.

The exception is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not overrun with content now, and the algorithm shows your posts to many of your followers.

There are many people in your network watching your activity, and when the time is right, they will reach out to contact you when they are ready.

Last week I had a client who has been posting to LinkedIn who told me a say a staff member from a major bank in Australia reached out after seeing his content. They had been watching the content for many months and asked to have him present on a webinar they are presenting to their extensive client base. They also asked if they could refer their clients to him, which is very exciting for my client.

This client is called, and if you study their social media profiles, their YouTube channel and get on their email list, you will see they are implementing the Video Marketing Machine perfectly, and they are growing becaue of it.

Create A Podcast

Creating a podcast is the last tactic on this list because it is the most complex, most time-consuming tactic, and most businesses won’t do it.

It works great but should only be used once you have mastered the other seven strategies.

The key to starting a podcast is to repurpose the content from your videos as podcast episodes. Don’t create new content if you find content creation difficult or time-consuming.

Stage 3: Convert Database Into Clients

Nurturing your prospects never stops. You just continue to nurture daily, week after week, month after month, and year after year.

This is what marketing is—a slow, consistent, never-ending burn.

Yes, it is a little boring and monotonous, but this is where the money is made.

But the rewarding thing is if you continue to Nurture, there will come a time when prospects will start to book appointments in your calendar, call your business or buy your products and services every week.

When the time is right FOR THEM, they will take the next step because they are ready.

Because you are top of mind and they know, like, and trust you, they will call you.

And when they call, you need to be ready to speak to them as an expert, not a salesperson.

You should have a conversion rate of 50-80% on Nurtured leads through the Video Marketing Machine.

Most businesses will use a two-step sales process to have a high conversion rate.

Meeting 1: Triage Call

The Triage Call is a short 15-30 minute call where you qualify the client and establish that you can help them.

The key to this call is not to sell to your prospect but to find out the problems they are facing so you can decide if you can help them solve these problems.

If you can’t, you will point them in the right direction. If you can, you will book a second meeting called Strategy Session, where you will talk about how to solve the problem.

Using this two-step approach puts you into the same category as a doctor.

The Triage call is to diagnose their problems, and the strategy meeting is where prescribe a solution.

Meeting 2: Strategy Session

The strategy session is used to go deeper into the three things:

  1. Where the client is at today
  2. Where the client wants to be in the next 12-24 months
  3. How you are going to help the client bridge the gap

If you do your job correctly in this meeting, the client will feel compelled to work with you instead of you having to sell to them, just like a doctor doesn’t have to sell themself to their patients.

The Video Marketing Machine Tools


GoHighLevel is the tool we use to execute The Video Marketing Machine.

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one marketing platform that has the following Video Marketing Machine features:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Marketing Automation
  3. CRM
  4. Sale Pipeline
  5. Web Chat
  6. SMS Marketing
  7. Unified Inbox
  8. Social Media Updates
  9. Calendar Booking

Click to read a full review of GoHighLevel.


Descript is the easiest way for a business user to edit videos, create subtitles and create a transcript of the video to convert into a blog post.


Your website is the home of all your marketing activity and is the foundation of The Content Marketing Machine.

To find out how to build a Sales Driven Website that attracts and captures contact details to fill your database. You can find out more at


ClickUp is the project management app we use to manage all the tasks to be completed for each of the videos we create in The Video Marketing Machine.

We use to integrate some of the apps and automate processes around creating ClickUp tasks when a new video is created.

Fundamentals of The Video Machine

Prospects Will Watch, But They Won’t Applaud

Over the years of executing the Video Marketing Machine for clients and my business, I have found that prospects will watch your content, get value and see you as an authority and the go-to person in your industry, but they won’t tell you.

They will watch from a distance and enjoy your content but won’t let you know.

You will only know they are interested when they book an appointment in your calendar and get on your first call with you.

At that time, they will lavish you with praise and show appreciation through their words, attentiveness, and buying of your product or service.

When this happens, it is a great feeling, but underestimate the power of what you are doing during the Nurture.

People are watching you, noticing, and consuming your content silently.

You will be rewarded for all your effort when you have a prequalified, presold prospect on the phone.

Don’t live for the praise. Live for the sale. 🙂

You Must Use Video

Video is the quickest way to build credibility with your audience.

The written word is good, but a video is 10X better.

People who watch you for 1-2 minutes in a video will either love or hate you. But they won’t ignore you.

And those who love you will tend to binge watch 1-2 hours of your content on your blog or Youtube. By the end of the binge session, they will know you are the person that can help them.

This phenomenon is a by-product of the Netflix revolution. If you create video content, you can take advantage of it.

I have so many people who get on an initial call that they initiated with me. On that call, they quoted me from videos I recorded years ago.

They have binged watched my videos and have a list of questions they want to clarify with me.

When this happens, I am not selling anymore.

I am just diagnosing and prescribing like a doctor.

Never Stop Marketing

The most successful companies in the world never stop marketing.

When you stop marketing, you lose momentum, and when you start again, you start from a negative position.

Just never stop.

You don’t have to spend a lot or do a lot daily.

I believe it is better to do 10% of your activities consistently every day than to do 100% of all marketing activities for three months.

There is a power to do a little consistently over a long period.

This is the power of the compounding effect hot to build exponential development.

The Video Marketing Machine is built on doing the basics consistently day in and day out.

Focus on Existing Database

There are riches in your database.

Most businesses with a small to medium database could double their sales by focusing solely on that database.

But most won’t because they constantly search for the next big thing.

The Video Marketing Machine’s success is built on the fact that if you nurture your existing database, you can double your sales.

Speak to Pain Points

People are more motivated to remove pain than they are to gain pleasure.

If you try to sell a positive outcome to people, it is much more complicated than showing them how you can remove a pain point from their life.

For example, everyone knows they need to visit the dentist regularly to keep their teeth healthy. But so many people will neglect their dentist visits.

But when they have a sore tooth and feel the pain, they will book a dentist appointment for the next day.

You need to use this to your advantage and focus on your prospect’s pain points.

Stay Top Of Mind

Most businesses don’t stay top of mind with their prospects.

They are all in during the sales process, and then if they don’t convert, they never contact them again.

Businesses that stay in contact with their prospects regularly will always do better than their competition.

A prospect will be ready to use your business when it is right for them. But, unfortunately, you can’t force them to work with you, so you have to wait.

But while you wait, you need to keep adding value, touching base with them, and showing them you care.

If you do this, you will be their first choice when they are ready to take the next step.

Use Tried and Tested Strategies

To be successful at marketing, you need to use tried and tested marketing strategies that have worked for the last 100 years.

You will get great results when you combine these strategies with new online marketing tactics.

Start with the best strategy and then apply the tactic.

Don’t start with the tactic.

A quote in the Bible says there is nothing new under the sun. This means there is nothing genuinely new—just another way of doing the same old thing.

Marketing is the same.

Keep your marketing grounded in the successful strategies, and you will eventually find the success you are looking for.

The Mindset of a successful Authority Marketer

Don’t Listen To Gurus.

Patience is the key.

There is no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme that works. They are all scams.

Any marketing guru who promises tactics to take you from 0 to $50k/mth in the next three months is a liar.

There I said it.

Maybe they have done it once before for themselves. Perhaps they did it for one or two other people, but have they done it consistently for 100%, 90%, 80%, 70% of their customers?

No, they haven’t.

The success rate of the industry is meager.

Have patience, don’t fall for the marketing gurus who promise the world and deliver broken promises.

There Are No Shortcuts

Growing a business is hard work. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

To grow, you need to invest your time and money into strategies that will deliver results.

Will they be quick? Probably not if they are going to work over a long period.

Will you see some success in the short term?

Probably if you choose the right tactics.

But will you see tremendous growth over the next few years?

Yes, but the price to get those results is hard work over a long period.

Are you willing to do it?

I am.

Look For Long-Term Success, Not A Quick Fix

Don’t look for shortcuts. Instead, look for authentic, grounded strategies that have been proven to work.

There is no quick fix to anything in life that lasts.

Relationships take time and emotional energy to grow and thrive.

Your physical health takes time, effort, and energy to maintain fitness.

Raising children is expensive, time-consuming, and emotional draining.

All these activities have huge upsides and are worth the effort and time.

But none of them are easy.

Business is the same.

Growing a business is not easy, but if done consistently has enormous rewards for those that can follow the process.

That process is The Video Marketing Machine.

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