Why Sales Is The Only Metric You Should Use To Measure Your Marketing

Forget views, likes, comments, shares, connections and other metrics everyone is telling you are important. The only metric you should care about is sales. You need to only ask one question, “Does this marketing campaign generate sales for my business?”

If not, then burn the strategy. Stop eating your time, energy and cash. Find a strategy where you can measure the results by new sales.

Why measure the success of a marketing campaign by visitors to your website? If you don’t capture the email addresses of the visitors to your website before they leave, then you are wasting your energy and money as most people never return to a website after the initial visit.

Why measure the success of a marketing activity by Facebook likes, comments or shares? These may give you a warm fuzzy feeling, but they don’t put money in the bank.

Why write blog post after blog post pouring hours of your time into writing when nobody is reading it. Content marketing is good, but have you ever sold any of your products or services because of this content? if you finally get people to pay attention to your content, but it doesn’t drive new business then aren’t you just doing busy work?

The #1 challenge for most businesses is sales. If they can win more sales, then they can increase their cashflow. With more cashflow and a bit of smarts they can solve most other business challenges.

Don’t undersell your business by patting yourself, or your marketing team on the back for increasing, likes, view, shares and comments.

Track your marketing effort to measure how many sales your money and effort are creating.

With todays tools, you can track all online marketing efforts. Go one step further, complete the loop and measure the success of every campaign by the sales it brings in.

Here are my tips to ensure you get this right:

  1. Capture: Ensure you provide a lead magnet on every page of your website which a visitor can receive if they enter their email address
  2. Nurture: Once you have an email address make sure you follow through and nurture the person with content that moves them along the sales funnel. Don’t collect email addresses and do nothing with it.
  3. Call to Action: At strategic timed during the email follow up sequence include a call to action for the next step in your sales process
  4. Workflow: Have a clear path which takes a visitor to your website along the journey to becoming a new client

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