The #1 Obstacle to Eliminate in 2017 To Grow Your Practice

I have been doing much thinking about my goals for my business 2017, and I’ve realised that there is only one major obstacle I need to be overcome to see the growth I desire.

That obstacle in lead generation!

That’s it.

Really?” you say. Well, let me explain.

Of course, there are many others parts of a business that need attention. There are accounts, health and safety, staff morale, maintenance of the office, hiring and firing, servicing clients and the list goes on and on and on. They’re all important and have their place, but lead generation is critical. New leads are the lifeblood of every business.

New leads are the lifeblood of every business.

If you can’t win new sales regularly, you won’t be able to generate the income required to reach your growth goals. And if you can’t generate leads on a consistent basis you will have no one to sell.

Now I’m assuming you’re pretty good at selling. I find most businesses do an average to a good job of converting a prospect into a client once they have a lead. If their conversion rate is very low, then you fix it in one of two ways:

1. Generate more leads, so they have more sales opportunities

2. Increase their selling skills so their conversion rate improves

Either option will work.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve seen behind the scenes in many businesses. I’ve worked as a business owner, an employee, a salesperson, a marketer and consultant. The one common factor I found in most of those businesses is that most fly by the seat of their pants.

That’s right many were successful despite themselves. Whether they were small businesses or large corporates they all had major improvements in many areas they needed to address but were still trading and even growing.

The quickly growing companies often had more problems caused by the speed of growth. Were they able to all these problems instantly? No, they were too busy expanding.

I’ve seen businesses grow with many shortcomings, but I have never seen businesses grow without sales.

I believe the quickest way to optimise your business is to get a whole heap of new clients. Then your optimisations will be made out of need and not just desire. Need is a greater motivator than desire.

So this year. Fix your lead generation problem and everything else should fall into place. No, everything won’t be rosy and sweet. In fact, it’ll probably be the opposite, but you will get through, you will grow, and you will know you’re alive.

The opposite is not as exciting. Struggling for sales just to keep the lights on in business is just as stressful but with no upside.

If you’re serious about turning on a pipeline of new leads into your business almost instantly, then I have found no better platform than Facebook Ads.

Facebook is the #1 lead generation platform on the planet today, and I know if executed properly a Facebook Ads campaign will deliver the prospects you need to grow your business.

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