Can You Learn To Be A Successful Marketer By Watching YouTube?

You can’t be a successful marketer by just watching tutorial videos on YouTube or online.


Because of the following three reasons:

Marketing is three-dimensional, not one-dimensional You learn marketing through practice, not watching presentations You need a coach to fill in the gaps.

In this video, I explain how to become successful at online marketing in the next 90 days.

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Is it possible to learn marketing and become a successful marketer by watching YouTube videos? Is it possible to watch all the tutorials online and do all the Google searches and get all the content? Cause there is a lot of content out there teaching you pretty much everything you need to know about marketing.

But can you take that information and actually become successful at marketing? And that is the question I’m going to answer today. And, you may or may not like the answer, but I can tell you that we’re going to get to the bottom of it before this video is over. So stick around and let’s get stuck into it.

Is it possible to become a successful marketer by watching YouTube videos or tutorials online? The answer, very quickly is no. I know, I know some of you are disappointed. Some of you think that I have a vested interest in saying no. But let me explain to you why. But just keep listening because at the end I’m encouraging you, right?

I’m going to tell you exactly how you can become a successful marketer. But the problem with just watching YouTube videos and online tutorials is this, there’s actually three. The first one is this, Marketing is not one dimensional. It is three dimensional. What I mean by that is if you look at cartoons, right, cartoons in the old days and Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig and all these guys, it was a one dimensional, cartoon.

You could see it, but it had no depth of field. You couldn’t look around the corner. It was very one dimensional and all you could see was what you could see at the time. You couldn’t see around the corners.But, what marketing is like is more three-dimensional. It’s more like augmented reality where you can put your hand in and you can touch and you can see around the corner and you can actually move the room around and see what’s behind, your obstacle.

It’s more three-dimensional and that’s marketing. Because the reality is when you put up a campaign and you can watch all the tutorials and when you put it up, you’ll realize, wait a minute, it’s not working. Why? And that why makes it three-dimensional because there’s probably 10 or 20 reasons why it could not be working but which one is it for you?

That’s the first problem you’re going to hit? How do you figure out what’s actually going on? When all you can see is what you’ve been taught. When that’s one version of what actually you need to know to make that marketing campaign work. Whether it’s social media, how many of your posts on social media, nothing, right. Crickets.

How many of you have put videos up and nothing? How many of you run a Facebook ads campaign and got no leads? The list just goes on and on. You run Google ads, put a thousand dollars into it and get nothing. And you think, well, google ads is no good. No, Google ads is amazing.

You’re just looking out at one dimensionally. You got to look around the corner, okay. And try and figure it out. The second reason why it’s very hard to become a successful marketer just by watching YouTube videos of tutorials is because what you need to do to become good is to practice, not watch presentations.

So watching presentations is good. That’s probably 20% of what it takes to be successful but what it really takes to be successful is practice. Continually launching a campaign, creating a video, posting to social media, sending an email and not getting a result and then tweaking it and then trying again, and then getting a better result. And then tweaking it and then trying again, and then getting a worse result. And then tweaking it and then trying again and getting something that’s a bit better.

It’s the practice that makes you great at marketing and you need to fall in love with the practice. There’s a great story I heard about an Olympic coach. Swimming coach in America and he had Olympic athletes that he coached and he had athletes that went to the nationals only. Someone asked him, they said, why, what’s the difference between the athlete that went to the Olympics and the ones that just made it to the nationals.

He said, you know what the difference is? The difference is the ones who went to the nationals loved winning. They love the race day. But the ones who went to Olympics, they loved the practice. They didn’t care that much about the glory. They loved the grind of getting up at three in the morning and going to the pool and doing the laps and getting better.

That’s what they fell in love with. As a marketer, that’s what you have to fall in love with. You have to fall in love with the practice. Actually doing it again and again and again, and tweaking it when it doesn’t work. You’ve got to, practice, not just watch presentations. And the third reason why it’s hard to be successful just by watching YouTube videos and an online presentation is because you need a coach to fill the gap.

Without a coach to fill the gap, you are going to struggle. And every athlete has a coach, right? So another example is, I have a son who is learning basketball and he’s watching all the YouTube videos on basketball and he’s done really well and he’s improved. But will he ever make it to the NBA?

You know, we live in Australia, I would say probably not. Why? Because he doesn’t have the coaching. Like the guy on YouTube, that’s teaching him how to jump and do shot is very good. Like I think he’s more class, but he doesn’t get to see my son make his mistakes and give them feedback on it. And that feedback is the difference.

That’s why you need a coach. And whether it’s in any aspect of your life, a coach helps you see what you can’t see. When you run a marketing campaign and it doesn’t work well, you look at it and say, I don’t know, it must be Facebook that’s not working. No, but an experienced coach will look at it or consultant will look at it and say, no it’s cause you didn’t know that when you set up the campaign, it shouldn’t be a reach campaign.

It should be a conversion campaign, but you didn’t know that. But the coach knows that. That’s why it’s important to have a coach. If you want to be successful, you gotta be able to see around the corners, right? It’s a three-dimensional, not one dimensional. You have to be able to practice and do lots of campaigns and keep iterating.

And then when you’re doing these campaigns, you need a coach to pinpoint and say to you,No, that was wrong. Try it this way. No,that’s okay. It’s okay for people not to like, comment and share when you only have a hundred followers. But keep doing it because when you get to 200, it should change. This is the insight a coach brings.

And so I want to encourage you. If you want to be a successful marketer, then there’s a couple of things you need to do. And how can you take action? Number one is yes, watch YouTube videos, right? Watch training. But more importantly than that, you need to get around someone who can monitor what you’re doing and give you feedback on your campaigns.

And they will see around the corners. They will correct you when you practice. And they will give you insight when you don’t know what to do next. And that continual practice, remember the Olympics swimmers who fell in love with the practice, that continued practice of launching campaigns for your company, for your business or for your clients is what makes you better and better every single month and every single year as a marketer.

So I hope that encouraged you to show you what you should do as opposed to what you would like to do and get good at marketing. We all just want to watch YouTube, right? And we want to have a, throw up a few campaigns, but the reality is we need to practice and we need someone advising us. So if that’s what you want in your business or in your career, then we have a great program.

And that program is where we teach the fundamentals in 90 days of online marketing, we teach you everything you need to know to give you the fundamentals. And we have a coach, coaching you through when you’re doing those real world practice campaigns. During the program, you’re actually running campaigns.

You’re actually doing the things you’ll learn and you’re practicing and you have a coach that’s helping you see around the corners. And if you want to learn, if you want to change a career and become a digital marketer, you can do it. It takes 90 days to learn the fundamentals to get your first job.

If you’re an entrepreneur and you want to run your own campaigns, you can do it. It takes 90 days to learn the fundamentals. If you’re in a marketing team and you want to upskill your skills so you can run proper marketing campaigns, it takes about 90 days. If you’re interested, click around this video, book a call with me, I’d love to have a chat and speak to you soon. Bye.

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