How To Get Facebook Ads Approved After They Are Rejected

When a Facebook Ad is rejected, it can be very stressful on many levels:

1. It wastes time
2. It means that you have to change your ad copy and creative for something less effective
3. You are at risk of getting your account banned if too many ads are rejected

In this video, I explain the step-by-step process I go through to have a rejected Facebook Ad approved.

I show the ads, the new variations, why I think it was rejected, and how I thought bout it.

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If you’ve ever had your Facebook ads rejected, you’ll realize that it is incredibly frustrating. Facebook doesn’t give you a lot of information about why they rejected it. Sometimes they give you a rule. But to actually know what part of your ad has been rejected is really really tough. And you know, there’s a real danger that if you get too many rejected ads, they will ban your account.

Now, how many rejected ads does it take? Sometimes not many at all. Sometimes if you commit a really bad crime by Facebook on one of the policies they’re really big on. They’ll just ban the whole account. Especially if it’s a new account. In this video, I’m going to show you how I was able to get one of my rejected ads approved and the method I use to get it approved.

And this method I used was to protect myself and also to get the ad approved. Cause I have a lot of clients I work with all in my business manager. And if I get too many disapprovals, what will happen is they’ll just ban the whole account. And so I will lose everything.

I have to protect myself. I’m going to show you in this video, how I do that and how you should do it as well.

Let’s get stuck into this. I’m going to share my screen. I’m going to show you the ad that was rejected. I’m going to show you the steps I took to actually get it, approved. So let’s just jump onto the computer and then you can see here that here is, the ad.

Now let’s just go through the ad first. You can see that the ad, if we, scroll up. So it says looking to change careers? There is no better time to become a digital marketer. The industry is growing and will continue to grow for the next 10 years. We teach people the skills required to get their first digital marketing job in 90 days.

And we have documented the six steps we take. Our career changes through to switch careers. Now, where is it in this ad that hasn’t been approved? If you look at the actual reason why. So special ad category, this ad can’t run because it appears to be for an employment opportunity. I don’t believe it’s for an employment opportunity.

Like I’m not asking someone, I’m not, it’s not a job description. It’s not me offering someone a job. It’s me offering to train someone so they can get a job. I know there’s a fine line there, okay. Let’s keep going. And isn’t identified as being part of a special ad category.

So what they want you to do is they want you to say that this ad is part of an ad category around employment and therefore they’ll put restrictions on it and they’ll notify people that it’s a special type of ad and I didn’t do that with this ad. Choosing the correct category is an important part of complying with our non-discrimination advertising policy. What they want here is they don’t want me to put an ad out and then discriminate against people on this site.

Only show this ad to people who are aged between 20 and 30. And that’s what I did here. I only want it to show it to people who are aged between 18 and 30 years old. And so they don’t like that because basically I’m saying for this job, I’m discriminating based on age or discriminating based on gender if I said, just show it to females or males and Facebook does not like that. So what I’ve got to try and figure out here is how do I tell Facebook this isn’t an employment ad. I’m not advertising a job and they’re for discriminating against people because it’s only between 18 and 30.

The reason I’m doing 18 and 30’s cause I believe that, that’s a nice demographic for me of people who would like to do a course to get their first job or to get into the industry. Can you see the difference? How do I get around this? Well, what I did initially was, I’ll just read here. It says become a digital marketer in the next 90 days.

Now what I’ve done is already done a few changes here. If you look here at my other titles, so these are all the headlines I used and the bold ones are the ones actually putting into the ad, which got rejected. So I think this one’s pretty benign. Become a digital marketer in the next 90 days.

I don’t think that is a problem for Facebook .Change your career and become a digital marketer. It shouldn’t be, but I mentioned career. So that, that is, I removed that one. Sick of your job? Become a digital marketer. We’re talking about jobs now. So therefore Facebook’s looking at that and it’s a bot that’s looking at it. It’s not a human, it’s a computer program.

And they’re looking at job, career, aged 18 to 30, it doesn’t like it, okay. Get a job as a digital marketer in 90 days. I don’t know I mentioned job. Switch careers and become a digital marketer. You can see a lot of these terminologies is what a job ad would have. And so therefore that’s why it’s been flagged and rejected.

So what I did here, if you look, I removed any headline that had reference to jobs. So six steps to learn how to become a digital marketer and become a digital in the next 90 days does not reference career or jobs. I’ll remove that. I then went here and I tried to remove everything but you see I still have the word career there? Okay.

If you go down here, I then on the image, I removed the word career and job. I resubmitted it and almost instantly Facebook rejected the ad again. Now, I know that I’m getting closer, but what would it reject it again? So what I did is made more changes and I submitted it and almost within five or 10 minutes it rejected it again. Normally it takes an hour or two for Facebook to approve an ad.

What it’s telling me is that the bot is just kicking, rejecting it. It’s not even reading it anymore. It’s just rejecting the ad. I can keep submitting my changes but it’s not going to approve it, it just isn’t. So what I did is I closed down the campaign. I deleted the campaign. So if you close here, you go here.

The other thing that happened is, if you look at my campaign, I had, I had five ad sets and I had four ads per ad set. So that’s 20 ads would reject it, which is very bad, okay. So I made a mistake there. I was pretty confident, and I, I got it all approve. What you should do is what I’m doing now.

So if you look here, this is my ad, my campaign that I have one ad set, one ad set only. And then you should have only one ad approved. One ad in the ad set and get that one approved or rejected. Therefore, you are only getting one rejection at a time. If you have 20 ads, you’re getting 20 rejections. It’s not good at all, okay.

So I came to a conclusion after I made lots of changes that there’s a problem with. So I had the campaign disapproved multiple times. I deleted the campaign, I then created a fresh campaign. And I only put in one ad set and one ad. And It was disapproved almost instantly. That’s telling me maybe the account has been flagged, okay.

And this is my good account. And it’s based with all my clients. I can’t get this banned. What I’ve done in the past, if you look here, I have got here, business manager accounts. I have multiple, I have a Marlon Marescia digital account. A Marlon Marescia’s business account. Business manager account and a sales driven. This is where I used to do this 50 businesses in there.

It’s where a lot of my clients are. These two are kind of ones I don’t really use. What I did is I moved into the Marlon Marescia digital account, totally separate to the other one. And I went into an ad account that I don’t use and I started testing in that account okay. So if you look here, Enzango. That’s the account I was using.

You can see here that this is the new one. I’ve just got it approved. I’m just going to check here and make sure that everything is okay. It looks like, yeah, it’s all working. So no rejections, but this is how I got it working, okay. The way I got it working is I started here. I created a campaign.

If you click on the campaign, digital marketer, I then created one ad. If you click on it, it’s one ad. Oh, that one was now rejected.

Okay, so that one was rejected. That’s a test. So that’s a test I did. And so let’s have a look here.

See? Same thing. Well, what I did, have a look of what I did. I went into a separate account and I don’t care if this account gets a banned. I don’t care. It’s not linked to my main account where I do lots advertise to my clients. I’ve separated it out. And if this ad account gets banned Enzango. I don’t care.

So this is why I’m doing it here. So if you look here, what I did is I removed pretty much everything. So if you go down here, you can see that the URL, see this URL has career change in the URL, okay. And that’s a problem because career change has been flagged, potentially as a job opportunity.

So what I do is I then change the URL and I called it 90 dash days. Just get rid of career change altogether. You can see here that I changed. oh, this was the original one where I had career changer and I actually got this approved initially and then it got disapproved, okay. So you can see I’m making changes.

Let’s go to this one here and here. This campaign here. Okay, so this one got approved. Well, let me show you what got approved. So let me show you how I got this thing approved. I got it approved because firstly, I put a benign image in it, so I didn’t put digital marketer. I didn’t put anything in it, so I don’t want the image to be the problem.

I don’t want the image, the words in the image to be a problem. So I’ removed that and just put a benign image in. Secondly, I removed every single reference to job. So I want to become a digital marketer? Nothing to do a job. There is no better time to make the change and become a digital marketer.

The industry is growing. and will continue to do so for the next 10 years. I think the grammar is a bit bad, but that’s fine. It was just a test. It can take as little as 90 days. We have documented the six steps you can, take to become a digital marketer. See that? I removed everything to do with career and then I removed the URL.

So it’s just a benign URL. There’s no career changer in the URL and it got approved. So, what does that tell me? It tells me that the URL is potentially a problem. It tells me that the continual references to career and job is what’s flagging it and when I removed all of that, It now gets approved. Can you see the process I went through?

I, pretty much the process all would go through if I were you, is number one, remove images and videos. I had a video that talks about changing career. I’m not using that video anymore. It’s down. So the video, I put a benign pictures, just put a picture of a person. You could put something related that I didn’t choose to do that.

Then what you want to do is remove all the words that you think are causing the problem through the whole thing. You want to basically get an ad approved with the bare bones, and then you start adding in words that you think could be the problem. And so you can see that how I have done that. And now I have an ad campaign.

If you look here, that is approved, it’s running. Now, I’m running this in a second account. Not my main account. Why? Because I don’t trust that this isn’t going to be rejected in the next week. So just because they accepted it today doesn’t mean that they won’t reject it later. So the bots go through and they keep checking the ads. They don’t check it once. They check it multiple times.

I’ve had many ads that were initially approved and then a month later disapproved and rejected. And that’s not good either. So that’s why I’m not using my main account here because I want to make sure that I’m protecting that account, but it’s been approved. I’ve tried to follow the rules as best I can and that’s how you kind of do it.

If you look here with these rejected ones, I’m going to delete all these rejected ads. I don’t want to keep them around in my account. And all because some people think it goes against you. Some people think it does for you, but let me just show you about this issue here. Special ad category required.

What it’s asking me to do is to go to the campaign, when I go to the campaign, it says here, special categories, and then I have to put employment, okay. And then when I click that, it’ll then say, well, now you can’t target based on age, sex and a whole bunch of other things. And it will let the person who’s seeing the ad know at some point that this is a special category ad and I don’t want to do that.

I don’t want to restrict my ad based on age or demographic or location even. I don’t want to do that. That’s why I’m trying to get it approved. But if you are running a genuine employment ad, you need to put that in because if you continue to break Facebook’s rules. You’re going to pay for it, okay. So I’m not telling you this video, wasn’t to try and tell you how to get around the rules.

It was here to tell you how to work with the rules. Right? I genuinely believe that my ad doesn’t fit into this category, okay. It doesn’t. So I’m trying to get it approved. If I did believe it fit into this category of employment. I would just follow the rules because, you know, I’ve had a few accounts banned over the time that I’ve been doing this and it’s a horrible, horrible thing, okay.

Facebook’s pretty ruthless and they, don’t explain much to you and they just ban you and I’ve had lots of clients where it’s happened to as well. And some, a were able to get it back, but some lost a bit of money the time it was banned. Sorry, a lot of coaching students that I coach as well.

Okay, great. So I hope that helps. I hope that gives you a plan of attack. And so if you have any issues, use this method and you should be able to get it to work. All right. Speak to you soon. Bye.

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