Why You Must Call Every Lead In Your Marketing Funnel

If you have been on Facebook or YouTube lately you will see many marketing gurus telling you how easy it is to make sales. Just set up a few funnels and the sales will flow in.

Some are even saying you don’t need funnels, ads, or even to do anything as they will do it all for you and you will succeed.

The reality is for some this may work, but for most, it won’t.

Because sales is a game of hand-to-hand combat.

You need to call your prospects if you want to make sales quickly.

There is a place to send emails, SMS’s and retarget your leads on Facebook. I do this every day.

But if you want to make sales this week or next week it is pretty simple.

Call every lead that comes into your funnel within the hour and you will see a drastic increase in your conversion rate.

In this video, I explain how and why I have success with calls.

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