Create Your Next Facebook Ad With 3 Questions

When I sit down to write Facebook Ads for my clients, I always start with these three questions.

The answers to these questions should become the copy in your Facebook Ad.

In this video, I explain what those questions are and how to use the answers as a framework for your new Facebook Ad.

Question 1: Who Is Your Target?

Facebook provides marketers with some powerful targeting features for identifying your perfect prospect. But if you don’t know exactly who they are these features are useless.

You see Facebook allows you to show your ads to people who fit a particular demographic. There are 98 categories of information Facebook has on each user. You can choose many options to target them including:

  1. Location
  2. Gender
  3. Age
  4. Income
  5. Number and age of children
  6. Who is likely to sell their home
  7. Who uses coupons
  8. Age of car
  9. Users who spend money on products for kids or pets, and what kinds of pets
  10. Users in new relationships

But you need to understand who your prospect is and how they behave if you want to find them on Facebook. If you don’t intimately know who they are, then you won’t be able to take advantage of these tools.

And what a waste that will be, having the power to target your ideal prospect, but not having the knowledge to do so.

Question 2: What Is Their Pain?

Once you know your target, you need to understand their pain. Calling out your target’s pain point in your ad is the best way to get them to notice and click on your ad.

Success using Facebook ads is easily achieved when you craft your ads around your client pain points rather than features and benefits of your product or service.

Question 3: What Is Your Offer?

Next, you need to create an offer that solves the pain point of your target. The final offer is your product or service, but depending on the stage of your sales funnel they are in, you will need to have smaller offers.

You can use these offers to capture their contact details so you can continue to communicate with them. Examples of good offers are ebooks, cheat sheets, videos and even webinars.

When you have recorded the answers to these questions, you need to take them and use them to build your Facebook Ad.

You should call out your target in the ad, state their pain point and finally explain how the offer is going to help them solve the pain point or at least start the process of resolving the pain.


Next time you sit down to write a Facebook Ad, use these three questions to kickstart the process. Starting with a successful framework will ensure your Facebook Ad reaches your goals of new leads or new clients.

Let me know in the comments below if you use a framework to create your Facebook Ads like the one I described above. If so write if out in the comments so we can discuss.

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