Facebook Ad Campaigns – The Power Of Calling Every Lead?

If you don’t call every leads from your Facebook Ads campaign you are leaving money on the table.

If you lead are downloading an ebook, most won’t be ready to make a buying decision today, but some will be.

If you don’t call each one you won’t find the one that is ready and they will get away.

If you want to get an ROI from your Facebook advertising today, then call each lead.

In this video, I explain the HOW, WHY and WHAT of calling each Facebook Ads leads.

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Do you call every lead that comes in through your Facebook ads campaign? If you don’t, I can guarantee, you are losing money. You are leaving money on the table. And in this video, I’m going to show you the why, the how, and the what of calling every Facebook lead.

Alright, Facebook advertising it’s pretty amazing, right?

It’s pretty easy to generate leads from Facebook. And if you’re struggling to generate leads from Facebook, then you’re just doing it wrong. It’s not Facebook, it’s you? I like to say that all the time. So many people say to me Marlon, Facebook just doesn’t work. And I say, it’s not Facebook it’s you.

You’re just doing it wrong. Let’s assume you can generate leads from Facebook, right? This video is not about that. You’re generating leads from Facebook. You’re getting leads for $2, $3, $10, $15 a lead. Someone is downloading an ebook. They’re submitting a form to get an ebook or to watch a video or to sign up for a webinar, whatever it is.

The leads are flowing in. What do you do with those leads once they come into your database, do you sit there and expect to nurture that lead through email and SMS and retargeting on Facebook and expect them at some point to just book a call with you to get into your sales process? If you do that, then that’s not a bad approach.

If you are retargeting if you are emailing if you are SMSing them. If you are looking after them but that takes time. Typically a lead will come in and it’d be about three to six months later before they actually take action. It’s going to be the right time for them. And the nurture works, I believe in it.

I get lots of appointments booked in my calendar of people that I don’t call. I just nurture them. But the problem is you are leaving money on the table because if you want to call each lead within an hour or one hour to 24 hours. What you’ll find is that you can triage those people very quickly. And within that group of people that come in,

there was a percentage of them that are ready to go right now, if they will push if they were notched if they were helped to move forward. It goes a little like this, just say you get 10 leads coming through a Facebook ads campaign out of those 10 leads over the next six months. One of them might book an appointment or over the next year, one might book an appointment.

But the reality is there’s one person in that list or two people that actually could move now. That could become a client now, but just by emailing an SMS in them, it may take some time. The other reality is there’s probably five in that list that could never be a client of yours. There’s probably two that have wrong phone numbers and email addresses.

And if you think you have 10 awesome leads, you are deceived. You probably have three awesome leads out of those 10 and one or two of them could be a client right now. How do you solve this problem? The way you solve it is by calling them, you actually pick up the phone and you give them a call. Now what you’ll find is two or three may have bad phone numbers.

They’re not a real lead. They duped to you. They don’t really care that much. It’s good for you to know that, write them off and move them out. Don’t have faith that you have 10 leads when you only have seven leads and then out of that ten, another three or four, you may never get through to, like, they just never answered their phone.

Are they good leads? No, they’re not good leads, let’s get rid of them. That’s about six leads now, which really aren’t great. They’re not real leads. Maybe you’ve got four left. Out of the four, you get through to those four and you find two of them couldn’t be a client at all. They just don’t fit the profile.

But two, you book a second call with. Two, you realize, wow, they are a good client and they are potentially ready to go. But wouldn’t you rather, when you get those 10 leads to win one sale, like within the next week or two and know that the others probably aren’t going to work out? Or would you rather believe that you have 10 leads that are awesome and just keep believing because what happens is you will stop

paying for those leads if you don’t see results in the short term? How do you speed up the process of getting results? Call the leads. Yes, you’ll be disappointed. Yes. You won’t get through. Yes. The numbers will be wrong. Yes. There’ll be some knock-backs, but you’ll make a sale and I can guarantee you.

Are you willing to do that? Were you willing to make the call? Now, when I first started, I make calls. In my business right now, I don’t make calls because I have so much going on. I have so many activities happening. I have so many people booking in appointments without me having to call that I let the long-term nurture work.

But when you start out and you have nothing, you don’t have the infrastructure, you haven’t been doing it for a while. You don’t want to wait the three to six months. You want to get people on the phone and as you start to win clients, and as your nurture pool of people starts to grow, then you can back off from the calls a bit if you desire so.

If you want to grow, then just keep calling, get someone else to call. Let me give you an example, one of the students in my program he generated 29 leads in a six day period. Paid $60. Got 29 30 leads about $2 a lead. You got all the leads in no people booked. I said to him, call them, call them

and let’s just see how many people are actually real leads let’s test and see if it’s the right business cause he was going for a niche. We created an ebook on Facebook, found out what the pain point of a niche was credited to ebook around it. Ran an ad, found those people on Facebook and 29 signed up $2 a lead in three days.

Pretty amazing. I said to him, the next step is to see if they’re real leads. If they are in the niche. And secondly, if they actually want your service. I gave him a script. We talked through the script. What are you going to say when you get on the phone? Because remember it’s not a sales call, it’s a customer service call.

You’re actually helping people get more information that they requested. I say to my students, when you make this call, don’t think you’re trying to sell them. It’s a customer service call, you’re saying to them, Hey, you downloaded my ebook. Just wanted to see if you had any questions

and if you have read the ebook and you just stopped the conversation, he did this. In one day. He made 13 calls. He didn’t get through to two and he got through to 11. Out of that 11, two of them, he said straightaway could never work with those people. He just shut the call down. He booked nine appointments in his calendar from the other nine people.

Nine appointments. And out of those appointments, it’s only been a 24 hour period, he’s held some of the appointments. He has got one second appointment booked in and he’s very confident he’s going to get that project. Out of 29 leads, he hasn’t called them all. He hasn’t had all his appointments. He’s pretty much got one prospect.

Who’s like, they’re going to become a client. They’ve already said to me, I want you to build my website. How many more he’s going to get? He’s got another eight appointments, right? He’s probably going to get another two clients out of that whole list of 30, maybe four, maybe five, depending on how good he is in the sales process.

But can you see the difference? You can have 29 leads and just hope for the best over the next six months, or you can take action step up as a business owner and call every single one of them. Book nine appointments and now you’re filled. He said, Marlon, I am totally filled my calendar because he’s working with tradesmen. They can only book their times in the afternoons.

He’s like I’m booked out for the next four days just with appointments. Cause that’s the only time I can have them. Now he’s thinking, how do I make more time? His problem has shifted. It’s not from, oh, I don’t have any appointments. It’s like, how do I manage my appointments? How do I be more effective?

And you know what the difference is? The difference is he picked the phone up and called every single person on that list. Now he hasn’t finished the calls, but I sent to him yesterday. I said, you need to just keep doing these. Do not stop. You’ll have some good days and you’ll have some bad days, but it doesn’t matter if it’s a good or a bad day, you just keep doing the same thing.

And that’s how you grow a business. He said to me, Marlon, a few weeks ago, a month ago, I have nothing. I didn’t know how I had all, I had a website, I had everything ready to go and I just didn’t know how to get leads. And now everything’s changed. Now I know how to get leads. He said, it’s frustrating when you have your whole business set up, but you have no one to speak to.

And now I feel like I have the power to go out and get more work. I want to encourage you if you want to be as someone who actually grows their business and not just sits around with a database that I think is awesome, but actually isn’t that awesome. And call, every lead that comes in and very quickly, you’re going to say,

good quality leads let’s keep going, really bad leads, let’s stop that campaign, and let’s change it. Alright, that’s my tip for the day. Have a great day. If you want to learn more stuff like this, join my Facebook group. You’ll find it around here somewhere. Click it, join it. I do lots of training like this and I answer lots of questions and I’m here to help. Speak to you soon, Bye.

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