Facebook is Fighting back against Apple’s iOS 14.5 Privacy changes

I love this!!! Facebook is fighting back against Apple.
I recorded a video last week which explains that Facebook being FREE is one of the reasons it is so powerful for its users. This means that there is no barrier to entry for people to join is the reasons all your friends are on Facebook and Instagram.
Yes, they capture your data as you use the platform and use that data to show you targeted ads that you are more likely to be interested in. It is a great service for small businesses and it keeps Facebook free. You don’t pay to use Facebook, businesses pay Facebook to advertise to you.
I think this is a WIN-WIN situation.
These iOS changes by Apple may reduce Facebook’s ability to target you with relevant ads, so the ads won’t be as effective for advertisers, which may reduce their income, so they may have to start charging for the service to make up the shortfall.
If they charge for the service many people may leave the platform making it smaller and will reduce the end-user experience.
I love that they are educating the user as to the effect disabling tracking will have on their experience. There is always a positive and a negative to change. Even good change.
I think if you don’t want to be tracked, don’t use the platform. But if you want the benefits of Facebook like connecting with friends, family and colleagues then you either have to pay or have your data tracked so advertisers can pay for you.
Which would you prefer?
Pay or Be Tracked?
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