The Power Of A Video Sales Letter (VSL) On Your Website Homepage

The most current way to convert more website visitors into appointments is to include a Video Sales Letter on your homepage.

A Videos Sales Letter is a 5 – 20 minute video that explains who you help, what problems you solve for them and how you solve these problems.

If a website visitor watches this video, it should indoctrinate them into your way of thinking and convince them to book an appointment with your business.

This video explains the what, why, and how of Video Sales Letters for your website.

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Today, I want to talk to you about why your website needs a video sales letter. What is a video sales letter? It’s a video that’s typically a little bit longer form. It might be five to twenty minutes. It could be longer, but what it does is really is designed to indoctrinate your audience when they come to your website to know everything about you by watching that one video.

If you put that video at the top of the page of your website, you can have a tremendous effect on the conversion rate. In this video today,I’m going to talk to you exactly about the why, the what, the how of a video sales letter and why you should be getting one ready and putting it on your homepage.

All right, a video sales letter. Do you want to see some examples of video sales letter? Let’s have a look at the computer. So if you look here, you can see that this is a company called Scaling With Systems and right at the top of the homepage right here, you can see is a video. And if you click that video, it’s a know a lot of these videos are, it goes for about 40 minutes.

This one, if you go here, this is Stewart Reed Properties. A real estate agent and he has a video sales letter as well at the very top of his website, you can see here. It’s a website that we designed. But this basically in this period of time, he gives the client everything they need to know about why they should choose him as an agent.

And if someone clicks that button, pretty much, by the end of it, they’re going to be indoctrinated. The last example is one of my sites, Web Design Profits, where I have this video and again, the first thing someone can do when they get to this website is they can click the button and watch this video.

And so this video I think is about 14 minutes or so. And that video, goes into detail everything I have to offer at a high level. So someone can listen to me and think, wow, you know Marlon, I agree with what you’re saying or I don’t agree, or there’s some key points in there that you said, and then I ask them to book a call.

If you look underneath each of these videos, there’s a book a call button. Basically what we’re trying to do with this video is instead of someone having to browse the whole website and go searching, if the they are visually motivated person. They like the vision, they like to listen, then they can just click a button and sit back and relax.

And in five to ten minutes or twelve minutes, they can have everything they need to know to make a decision, whether your business is the way to go. Does your business have a video sales letter? Sometimes called a VSL. But if your website doesn’t have a video sales I want to encourage you to build one.

To create one and put it on the homepage right in the header. It’s probably the best thing that I think at the moment that I think a website should have. One of the top things. You know, there’s many different components to a website that we build when we build a website. But I think the VSL was probably something that is the most powerful at the moment.

I think it’s been around for a while. But putting it right on the homepage, not hidden away somewhere is something that’s relatively new. Not a lot of people are doing it. So you’ll be one of the few, but I also believe in the power of video. I believe in the power of someone seeing you, hearing, listening to your methodology and how you work and then making a decision, whether you’re the person that they want to work with, whether your business is the one they want to work with, whether your methodology that you use to solve their problem is what they can believe in and have faith in.

If someone watches this video sales letter, by the time they get on the phone with you, and if they do book a call, they know a lot about you. And so now it’s not a situation where they are assessing you as a salesperson and kind of a bit standoffish. They are drawing in and they know what to expect.

They initiated the conversation. They now see you as the authority and the expert, and this can’t be underestimated. And so, is it hard to create a video sales letter? Not really, there’s a template that I use. I’ll give it to you very quickly. With the video sales letter, you basically have to call out the prospect, okay.

You’ve got to call them out and say, are you this type of person? And then you’ve got to call out the problem. Do you have this specific problem? And then we you have to do is then build the problem. You’ve got to talk about what life is like when you can’t solve the problem. Build the pain. And then you got to paint a picture of the future.

What the future could look like when you solve the pain, okay. Now someone’s getting established where they’re at in pain, you establish where they need to be when they solve the pain and then now there’s a gap. In the rest of the video sales letter, you talk about how you can help them solve the gap.

If you don’t establish a gap and there’s no reason for them to keep watching the video sales letter. When you’ve got the gap, you then teach three points on how to solve it. You use case studies and examples of other people that you’ve solved. At the very end, you have a very clear, strong call to action.

And that call to action is for me and a lot of my clients to book an appointment. And that isn’t a sales appointment. That is an appointment where you’re going to do some work together. You sell the benefit of the appointment, not for you. But for the client. And that’s super important because if the client thinks it’s just going to be a sales meeting, then they are not going to book that appointment.

And so you gotta be very clear and we do three things that we are going to achieve in that appointment that the client looks at and says, I want those three. And that’s how we get there into the appointment. So video sales letter, what do you think, do you think it’s something that you could do? Do you think it’s something you should do and is it gotta be something that you’re going to do?

And so in the comments below or around this video, just write exactly what you think about it. If you’re going to give it a go and you’ve seen some examples, so you pretty much have all you need to do. If you’re a real guy, get off to just do it. Well, you do it perfectly. But doing something imperfectly is better than doing something perfectly.

Now, if you want to do it perfectly and you want to get these things on your website and you want to revamp your website to turn into a sales machine and revamp all your marketing so you can actually get results, then book a call with me. I’m happy to have a chat with you and in that call again, we’ll do three things.

You know, we want to establish where you are and where you want to be and then we want to talk about how you’re gonna get there? Right? How are you gonna bridge that gap? And I’ll give you three changes you can make in your online marketing in that call that you can execute instantly. I want to give you value in that call and by the end of it you’ll know whether we’re good to work with.

Whether you want to work with me and then we can talk about the next steps, but that call is all about you and what you can get out of the call, not what I can get out of it. Cause I know that if I help as many people as I can, like I do with these videos, there’s a percentage of people that will want to work with me. That’s why I have these calls.

So book the call. And, lastly, if you are on YouTube and you want to get more videos like this, subscribe and click the bell icon, I think, and also like the video cause that helps the algorithm push it out to more people. Have a great day. I hope this really helped and I hope you take action. All right, speak to you soon. Bye.

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