Why Every Marketing Team Needs A Marketing Coach

Every marketing team needs a marketing coach!

A marketing coach has a different role from a marketing manager.

A marketing manager is there is set the vision, be accountable to the business, manage and nurture the team.

A marketing coach’s role is to teach the team the latest and most up-to-date marketing tactics, guide them in executing them, keep them accountable to the strategy set by the marketing manager and get the team unstuck when they hit roadblocks.

Does your marketing team have a coach who can do all this?

A marketing coach also needs to be working in the actual work and executing campaigns for clients, as this experience is what they bring to your team.

This video explains the benefits of a good marketing coach and how they can make your team get better results.

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Today I want to talk about something that’s really close to my heart, and that is why every marketing team needs a marketing coach. So for about 12 years, I was a sales and marketing manager of a software development company. And I had a marketing team and a sales team. I realized that sometimes managers are great for understanding at a high level, what needs to be done.

They’re great at connecting with the business and being accountable to the business for the results of the team, but to expect the marketing manager to be extremely technical, to actually know how every single, marketing tactics should be completed at the highest level and have the experience to actually execute that with the team, I don’t think that’s the job of a marketing manager.

I think their job is at a much higher level. And so how do you keep a marketing team accountable to running the highest level campaigns using cutting edge techniques that are working right now. The way you do that is with a marketing coach. And in this video, I’m going to show you exactly what the differences are between a marketing coach and a marketing manager, and how they can really boost the results of your marketing teams so stick around if you want to hear about it. And I’m going to chat to you about why marketing coach is so critical for marketing teams.

All right. Marketing coaches, you’ve probably never heard about it before, and maybe I am, the person to make this up. But the reason I am passionate about it is because I’ve been the marketing manager and I’m a marketing coach and I have a digital marketing agency.

I’ve worked with people on all different aspects of this. You know I have worked as an agency, executing marketing campaigns. I’ve worked as a marketing manager and people coming to me saying, I can help you grow your business and we’ll do the campaigns for you or agencies coming to me. And I’ve actually worked one-on-one with marketing teams, not as a coach, but as a consultant.

Side by side with them, executing campaigns, keeping them accountable. I’ve worked in all those facets and out of all the experiences I’ve had. The best results I have had is when I have coached a team. Now what’s the difference between consulting and coaching and being a digital agency?

Well, a digital agency is what you do at all for them. And the problem with the digital agency is that when the agency leaves your marketing team has very little, all they really know how to do is read reports. They can’t actually activate any campaigns. And I don’t think that’s a win-win. I think it’s a win for the agency, but it’s a lose for the company because you invested thousands of dollars of fees into an agency.

When they go, they take everything with them, all the knowledge. If you have a marketing team and you’re investing into a marketing team in salaries, and other expenses, then what you need to do every year is make that marketing team better. You know, why aren’t, why aren’t a marketing team as good as an agency’s team?

Why? Technically they should be. The reason why is because an agency works with many different industries, many different types of clients and they’re paid kind of by the hour. They’re like guns for hire. So they have this skill set has to be increased very dramatically. Otherwise the agency goes out of business.

When you look at like an agency team, those guys are like sharpshooters, right? In the army. They are very good at what they do. Now in a company where they have a marketing team, it’s a different relationship. Normally the business has an agenda they have to fulfill and they have an old way of doing things and the marketing members will come in the team and they’ll start to push that agenda. They’ll start to learn that agenda.

Now to bring new techniques in to a business can be hard for a marketing team. If they are not the marketing manager, I remember when I was the marketing manager, I was constantly coming up with new ideas and going to the business owner and saying, we should do this. And you know them, the business owner at times would say no and then yes and then no, no, no and then yes.

After a while, you can feel like, well, I’m just not going to give more ideas because most of the ideas are taken. And so if a team member is like that, then they’re not going to give new ideas. They’re not going to go out and do new research. What you tend to have with the marketing team is a bunch of people that know what to do. They know how to market, but they may not be performing at the highest level because they’re not getting daily experience with campaigns at the highest level.

They may be a year behind, two years behind what’s actually happening. So, how do you bring them up to speed? Can I just say, does that make them bad people or bad at what they do? No. It’s just the nature of the beast. It’s the nature of when you’re inwardly focused. You do what you know to do. You do what the business expects you to do. When you are an agency-focused team member, you are always on the cutting edge.

You’re always have someone above you, bringing them up to standard. You are measured by a campaign being successful, and if it’s not, then you have to change. That’s the difference in culture, I think. So, how do you get internal marketing team to be as good as an agency team? Well, the way you do it is through a coach.

What a coach does is you need a coach that is getting real world experience in an agency, right? So they’re working in an agency, they’re working with multiple clients. They’re seeing many different people, many different industries, many different campaigns working today. What they do is like coming into the business, your business, and they will bring your team members up to their standards.

They need to be at a superior highest standard. And they need to bring your team members up, not by doing it for them, but by coaching them to do it themselves. Typically the best way is through a video training and then the team members will watch the video training they’ll then implement the campaign and then they’ll get help off the coach because they will get stuck.

It doesn’t matter how good the training is, they’ll get stuck and typically the coach needs to meet with them at least twice a week to check in on the campaigns. And so if you want to take it a step even better, a better way of doing it, isn’t to work with the coach one-on-one. No, It’s not. It’s to work with a coach in a group environment.

So there’s other businesses in the group and when the coach helps one business, you get to see it. I help a different type of business and you get to see that. What you’re doing is you’re learning from the real-world experiences of these other businesses and industries and marketing teams. And so it’s not just making you better because you have one coach that’s bringing you up.

You’re also getting exposed likely marketing agency team to multiple different industries, multiple different techniques and those techniques are all bringing you up or bringing your team members up to another level. Can you see? How you solve this problem with a marketing team, potentially getting stale where a business owner or a CEO looks at their marketing team and says, why aren’t they as good as these people?

Why do I have to pay an agency? Hopefully you’re understanding why. The way you bring them up is number one through training, number two through coaching, not just one-on-one, but also through a group environment where they can get exposed to other industries. Now, it is coaching. Typically coaching is when you ask people questions and they find the solution themselves, right?

It’s kind of what a coach does in the pure sense. When I say marketing coach, I don’t mean that. I mean, it’s a combination between coaching and consulting. So on the calls I get on, I have the team members from different marketing teams and they come on. And yes, I coach and I encourage and I make sure they’re on track, but I consult.

What we do is we open up the Facebook ads campaign and I say, look, it’s not working that well this week. And I look in, and I say, look, change that, that, that. Another one comes on and says, Marlon, I’ve written my Facebook ad. And I’m about to launch it. Can you read it? And I read it and I’ll say, oh no, no, that won’t work.

See that headline? I don’t care about that. I wouldn’t click on that ad. And I ask the other people in the group call in different industries. Would you click that? And typically there’s someone in their industry on that call or someone who’s a prospect on potential prospect on that call and they’re like, I wouldn’t do that either.

Just today in the call that we were on, we looked at some of the headlines and we rewrote some of them as a group. Can you see the power of that? Can you see the power of your marketing team getting feedback? Not just from an external coach, but from other people who are marketers, but looking at it from a totally different perspective than your team looks at it.

That is powerful. And that is why I get so passionate about coaching marketing teams, coaching marketing people. And of course, if you’re a business owner and you want to level up, I work with lots of business owners too. And the same principles apply. Just this video is about marketing teams. Cause I’m passionate about marketing teams as one of the groups of people that I work with.

If you have a marketing team or you have a business and you want to upgrade your marketing, if you want to be accountable to executing real-world business or marketing strategies that work today, and you are dedicated to spending the next 12 months to actually growing your business, not through tricks and tactics by marketing gurus, trying to sell you a coaching program and promising you 50K in two weeks and 200 appointments a month.

If you want that, then go for that. But we all know deep down that most of that doesn’t work for the average business. But if you want the real thing, if you want to build a team and build the ability to be able to execute a marketing strategy that actually grows businesses, and I want to encourage you to book in a call with me. I have a program called the Marketing Roadmap.

And if you book in a call, I’m happy to chat with you and tell you the pros and cons of that and whether you’re a good fit for it because the reality is it’s not me trying to force something on you and trying to sell you something. It’s really for us to figure out if you’re a good fit for that and if you can get the results you’re looking for in that program, I have seen the results, but not everyone is ready for it.

You have to have the right mind and the right mindset and being in the right state in your business right now to be able to take full advantage of this. So If that’s you, I want to encourage you, click the button, fill in your details around this video. Book in a call with me. I’d love to chat to you of how your marketing team or your business. You can get a marketing coach. That’ll help you propel yourself forward. Speak to you soon. Bye.

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