Why is Apple so Mean to Facebook? ;-)

I don’t understand why so many people who use Facebook daily and enjoy the benefits of Facebook are so against it collecting their data.

If you don’t want your data collected then don’t use the platform.

The reason they keep using the platform is that Facebook is providing value to them.

But Facebook has to make money and the way they do that is by showing ads to you.

If they didn’t show ads they would have to charge for Facebook and it wouldn’t be effective for us all as it wouldn’t have 2.5 billion users and all the services it provides.

If your privacy is that important to you then using that internet is always going to be a problem as everything is tracked.

Nearly every website you visit is tracking you. You can’t escape it. But this tracking actually makes your user experience better.I hate seeing ads that are not relevant to me.

Facebooks tracking enables me to see ads that interested me and I have made many purchases or been informed about things that I like because of it.

What I have realised as I get older is that everyone is a little bit bad and a little bit good.

Yes, even Facebook and even Apple.

No company is perfect.

I think if Apple cared that much about privacy it would have stopped tracking 5 years ago but they didn’t because they wanted to use apps like Facebook to build their company, and now that they think they don’t need Facebook, they are burning them.

Like I said everyone is a little good and a little bad.

The reality is even if you turn off the Facebook tracking you are still being tracked online, this doesn’t make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things.

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