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The most profitable web design income for a web designer is selling a marketing platform on a recurring basis. 

Most web designers have experience selling a recurring income service like website hosting, website maintenance or website updates, but have no experience selling a marketing platform.

A Marketing Platform is much more profitable than these other forms of recurring income.

A marketing platform is an app that allows a business to enter their clients, and prospects and communicate with them using SMS, emails or voice calls in a manual or automated way. 

Every single website built today should have a marketing platform integrated into it. 

Some examples of marketing platforms are MailChimp, ActiveCampaign and Keap or Hubspot. 

In this video, I  explain why you should be adding a marketing platform to your website service and which is the #1 platform use after many years of searching.

The Problem With Marketing Platforms

The first problem with these apps is they typically don’t do everything. They do a part of what is required by a website so a business has to buy and integrate multiple services.

The second problem is you don’t make any money out of a very small amount from the platform. 

The third problem is that you are probably integrating multiple platforms that do the same thing. So your learning curve and work you have to do to integrate each platform are steep.

So I want to show you how you can solve these three problems and:

  1. Use an all in one platform so the client only has to purchase one tool
  2. How you can make almost 100% on the platform cost as your profit
  3. How you can reduce your implementation time by using the same tool on every website you build

1. Every Business Needs A Marketing Platform

Every business needs a contact management system.

A way of emailing their clients on a regular basis, automatically engaging with clients based on how they interact on the website and a sales pipeline. 

This means they are going to subscribe to one anyway so why not your system?

If your clients all use your platform then you will be able to save time in your implementation of the website. 

2. Web Design Income With No Effort

You can earn an extra recurring income by selling a marketing platform to your clients.

The beauty of selling a marketing platform is that you don’t have to do any work to earn this income. Unlike website maintenance, updates or hosting the payment you get for the marketing platform requires no work.

3. Your Clients Are Already Buying These Services

The third reason is your clients are already buying these platforms, but they’re buying multiple platforms. 

Typically they may be buying an email marketing system, a marketing automation system, a calendar booking system, an SMS system, a survey system, maybe a membership site and even a sales funnel builder. 

Your clients will have to buy these platforms separately.

They all have separate service fees and they all have to be integrated. So that’s a real headache for the client and very expensive. 

If you can have a platform that incorporates all of these into the one platform, then it’s easier for the client to manage. It’s easy to integrate. And the fee is a lot less. 

A typical client using all of these platforms could pay up to $500+/month. 

But with the platform that I use now, I can charge it at $150 a month and this is almost 100% profit.

4. Unlimited Income, Fixed Cost

I use GoHighLevel as my marketing platform.

I pay $297 a month for GoHighLevel, and I can add unlimited clients to this platform. 

Say I have a hundred clients, I still pay the one service fee. 

My clients get all the features they require in one platform including email marketing, CRM, sales automation, marketing automation, two SMS, surveys, membership site and sales funnels. 

They get everything for one fee of $150/mth.

Now if I have 10 clients and I charge then $150/mth I make $1500/mth. The service fee I pay is $297/mth.

If I have 100 clients and I charge them $150/mth I make $15,000/mth. The service fee I pay is still only $297/mth.

You can see that the profit margin on selling a marketing platform is huge with no extra effort.

And that’s why selling a marketing platform like GoHighLevel is so profitable.

You can’t make this kind of money recommending Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Keap or Hubspot. If you choose the right one, not MailChimp, not active campaign, not Infusionsoft, not Cape, not HubSpot, but she’s the right one. All that money.

5. Clients Stay for many years, not months

The best kind of income is where the clients can’t leave you easily and just keep paying it every single month. 

A marketing platform is hard to move from once you import your contacts set up automation, start sending your regular emails and use it as a sales tool for your salespeople.

A typically clients will stay for three to five years, and that’s very good if you want to create a long term passive income.

6. Get You Through Downturns and Downtimes

The last reason you want to incorporate a marketing platform in your website offering is that it helps you through the downturns and downtimes. 

A lot of web designers use website hosting to flatten the peaks and troughs. 

They might add website maintenance too.

A marketing platform is a great way to add another recurring fee to your business.

During the downturns and downtimes, the clients just keep paying it.

These recurring payments help you get through the downturns in the economy. And the downtime that you may have during holidays.

Your income will always be able to sustain your business and your lifestyle. 

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