4 Best GoHighLevel Training Resources

GoHighLevel Training

If you are new to GoHighLevel, the quickest way to learn is to complete a structured GoHighLevel training program.

The problem is that GoHigLevel is only three years old, and there isn’t a lot of training available that is comprehensive.

Below I have outlined the best places to learn GoHighLevel quickly.

GoHighLevel Training On YouTube

The GoHighLevel channel is where I got most of my GoHighLevel training. Therefore, I recommend you go through the channel and watch as many videos as possible.

There is a wealth of information on the channel and the best part is they have walkthroughs of all new features being released weekly by one of the owners of GoHighLevel, Shaun Clarke.

Click to go to the GoHighLevel Training Channel.

GoHighlevel Jumpstart Coaching

The GoHighLevel Jumpstart Program is the best place to go if you are an agency owner and want to get set up with GoHighLevel.

You will get the following:

  1. Your GoHighLevel will be set up for your business
  2. You will receive an agency GoHighLevel Snapshot you can install for your clients
  3. You will receive four weeks of coaching calls
  4. You will receive all the onboarding video GoHighLevel training so you can set up your new clients
  5. You will receive marketing training so you can find leads and convert them into sales

The GoHighLevel Training is a paid program and currently costs US$1,500.

Every agency or web design business owner who has been through the program has been delighted and received tremendous value from working with experienced professionals.

Find out more about the GoHighLevel Jumpstart Program.

GoHighLevel Support Portal

The next place you can go to learn more detail about setting up GoHighLevel is the GoHighLevel Support Portal.

This is where all the official training documents are found. It is a great resource, and most of the YouTube videos are also found on this site.

Search the GoHighlevel Support Portal now.

GoHighLevel Quickstart Training

The GoHighLevel Quickstart training is a free training course showing you how to get started with GoHighLevel.

It is a free program, and there is a Facebook group you can join to network and get help from the program’s creator.

The training is detailed and is the same training agencies use to onboard their new staff, so it is very comprehensive.

Find out more about the GoHighLevel Quickstart Training.

Next Steps

I suggest you do two things next:

  1. Try out GoHighLevel for a 14-day free trial
  2. Read my in-depth GoHighLevel Review on how I use GoHighLevel in my marketing agency.

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