Get More Appointments From Your Funnel With A Quiz

It’s not that hard to generate low-cost leads if you use Facebook Ads.

What is hard is to convert those leads into appointments with prospects who are chomping at the bit to talk to you.

The easiest way to convert leads into appointments is to add a quiz on the thank you page of your free giveaway.

But not just any quiz! It has to be a quiz that helps the clients find their problem and then stretches the gap so they can see that they need help solving it.

In this video, I explain how I use a quiz to book appointments from a free giveaway funnel.

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Have you been running a marketing funnel? Getting lots of leads, but not getting appointments booked in your calendar. Now I’ve got to say it is quite easy to get leads online today, especially if you’re using Facebook ads. But getting appointments? Well, that is another story. And in today’s video, I’m going to show you exactly how I convert a lead into an appointment, using a quiz.

And I’ve got to say it’s one of the best tactics I’ve used to move a lead to an appointment and stick around, that’s what we’re talking about.

All right. So, today it’s all about appointments. Lead generation is something that every business wants, but they don’t really want leads. What they want is.

Appointments that can convert into a client. They want conversations. And the best way to get more conversations out of your leads is to put an appointment, to put a quiz in your funnel. Let me show you, let’s just flick over to the iPad and you can see here that, this is kind of like a four-step process that typically I’ll have with my funnels.

The first thing we’ll have is a Facebook ad and that ad will drive someone to a lead magnet. Okay? When they go to the page, they can decide to download the lead magnet or not. But if they decide to download the lead magnet, typically what people will do is they will have a thank you page. On that page, they will actually have the download, right?

You can download the lead magnet. That’s a total waste. What I do is I say, Hey, you’re on the page. I write some texts and it says you’ll lead magnet will be in your inbox in the next five minutes. But in the meantime, why don’t you fill in this quiz to find out how many leads your website could be generating that it’s not generating now, something like that.

And on that page, I will have a quiz with a whole bunch of questions. This is the key. And then if I fill in the quiz, I then give them a score. Typically it might be 30%. And I say, Hey, that score is very low, but what it tells me is that there’s lots of opportunity for you to get more leads from your website.

Now what I’ve done is I’ve created a gap, have created a need in the client to say, wait a minute, I downloaded an Ebook about lead generation. These quizzes identified many things that I don’t have that I could have. I’ve got a low score. And then I offered them an appointment. So I give them on that last page, the ability to fill in an appointment to book an appointment directly in my calendar.

Now, why does this work so well? Well, it works well because of this. When someone hits a Facebook ad, typically they are. They’re just going about their day, okay. They’re not really interested in whatever you’re trying to sell, so you’ve interrupted them, but you have piqued their interest. I have clicked the ad cause they find what you are talking about in the ad, interesting.

So they go to your lead magnet page and if they download that lead magnet, it means they’re interested. It doesn’t mean they’re hot interested. Some of the 3% of people in the market, at any one place are actually hot and ready to go, but 97% are interested. So, what we’re trying to do with this quiz is when I download the Ebook. On the quiz, we’re trying to get their hotness rating as a lead.

We’re trying to improve that and try to move them up the ability to be able to make a decision, but we’re not making them do that. What the quiz does is, it creates a gap. And so the idea of a quiz is we say to the client, this is what the question should do in the quiz.

It should say, this is where you are. This is where you want to be. Look how big this gap is. That’s what the score does. The score basically says to them, Hey, you’re right here. Let’s just use this whole idea with my one business, where we sell websites. So we say, at the moment your business is here.

But where you’d like to be, as he’d like to get all these leads here, but at the moment, you’re getting no leads and look at the gap, and the way we do that is through questions. So I will say some of the questions I’ll have my quizzes. Hey, do you do Facebook retargeting? Because 97% of people that come to the website, aren’t ready to buy.

They’ll leave. They’ll never come back. Do you retarget them Facebook Ad and Google They say no. Well, now I’ve created a gap. I’ll put a need, create a gap. I say, Hey, do you have a lead magnet on every single page of the website? Remember 97% of people leave and never come back. Do you attempt to capture their contact details so you can contact them after they leave?

And they say, no, I’ve created a bigger gap. I said, Hey, do you know what the top of every page do you actually have a headline? That talks about the prospect, the pain point, and the promise, the outcome you can deliver? Or do you just talk about yourself in the headline? I say, I talk about myself. I’ve created more of a gap you can see three different questions creates a gap, creates a bigger pain point, and shows the client that wait a minute, my website is not as good as it needs to be.

And as I create the gap, I create the need for my business because I asked the question, therefore, they, assume I have the answer. There’s a great quote by Wyatt Woodsmall a psychologist that said, if you can articulate someone’s problem better than they can, they’ll automatically, and unconsciously credit you with having the solution.

So by asking these questions, we’re articulating the problem where we’re putting the thought in their head. It’s their thought, it’s not ours. We just asked the question, they answer it in their words and they say, no, no. No, I don’t have that. No, I don’t have that. No, I don’t have that. And that is powerful.

And that is how I am able to get leads a whole bunch of leads in my funnel, but simultaneously get appointments booked in my calendar without me ever having to do any calling any work, any lead nurturing instantly. So typically if I get, say a hundred leads. a hundred leads here. So a hundred leads.

I may get 40 of those people book an appointment. And I might get anywhere from two to eight people book an appointment directly in my calendar. And you think about this. If we are getting leads for say $3 a lead, that means to get those, say three appointments, that cost $300. And so that’s a hundred dollars an appointment.

But this is someone ready to speak to me, right? If I can double that, I can get an appointment for $50. That’s typically what I’ll do, but I don’t just have the six appointments in my calendar. I also have 92 other leads that I’m nurturing and I’m emailing and I’m building authority with. And so these initial two to eight appointments, are purely just the cream of the top.

It’s the 3% that are ready and willing to go right now. And if I never put the quiz in there, they would have download the Ebook, they would have looked at the lead magnet and they would never have called me. But because the quiz builds the pain, it gets them in the right frame of mind to say, no, I do have a problem.

I’m ready to go. Now let’s book that appointment with Marlon, let’s have a chat to him. That is the power of a quiz. Now, I have done this for myself. I’ve done it for many clients and I’ve coached many people to do this. It works. A percentage of people, if you put the quiz in will book an appointment directly in your calendar.

Now the client at the moment that all his new clients have come from people who have booked an appointment directly in his calendar, he hasn’t followed up any of the other leads. But with phone calls, he’s emailed them But the majority have come from that. And so I want to encourage you, if you want to turn your lead generation into appointment generation, one of the tactics.

Not, not all. There’s many things you can do, but one of the easiest, quickest and most efficient way is to put a quiz on the thank you page of your lead magnet that actually stretches the gap, builds a gap, builds the pain, and then you’ll get more appointments. Now, the money is in the questions you ask.

Okay. Those questions, it’s not a qualifying questionnaire to qualify the lead, to see if they’re good enough for you. It’s not about asking how much money do they make. Are they the perfect client? No, it’s about building the pain that’s stretching the gap in their mind. It’s a totally different question questionnaire.

I know a lot of you, know about qualification quizzes and questionnaires. It’s not that. It’s not. Some entirely different to that. It’s about getting someone ready to book an appointment. I’m not saying you shouldn’t ask those type of questions in this quiz. You can. But the majority of it should be pain building and gap stretching.

All right. If you have found that interesting, and you think that this is something you need to do. I want to encourage you, take action, do it right now. There’s no good you hearing what I say and then go off and just watch another video. Take action and make it happen in your business. And that is how you will grow your business.

Have a great day. Speak to you soon. Bye.

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